Louisa So Says the Most Painful Part about Her Time at TVB was “Filming Garbage”

Louisa So Says the Most Painful Part about Her Time at TVB was "Filming Garbage"

Louisa So (蘇玉華) was recently on a RTHK radio show called, “Crazy and Happy” (瘋Show快活人). During the interview, she was asked about the most painful time in her life. She frankly started talking about her time working at TVB. She expressed, “I remember when I use to film until it was dark and gloomy at TVB. The first few years…good to use, salary was low because I wasn’t a per series artist yet. So whatever work they give you, you have to say yes.”

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At one point, she revealed she was filming three series at the same time. There was a day when the PA (Production Assistant), handed her a bunch of notices. She couldn’t take it anymore and started crying. Louisa So revealed, “It’s not that there were a lot of heavy scenes in each series, but I still had to do it, spend time on it. Once the PA handed me the notices, I took the other stack of notices and put it together, I cried. I looked at the stack of notices and I cried. Basically, you won’t be sleeping in the days ahead. It wasn’t what a person should be going through. I was crying and I asked myself what I was doing here? Why must I do such exhausting work? Am I still acting scenes here?”

What left a deep impression on Louisa So was that she didn’t think acting should be filming day to night or night to day. Because of these experiences, she had asked TVB to convert to a per series contract. She revealed, “The most painful part was you sacrificed, you had no time to sleep, it was so exhausting, but you know more than half of your time might be spent filming garbage. That was the most painful. A lot of people at the TV station might be working really hard, but some things are helpless. Not every piece of work might have such quality. Some things would be very blasé, but don’t obliterate them. There are actually a lot of people who are working hard. They really hope they can do good things.”

Credit: Apple Daily HK, Louisa So Facebook

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