Steven Ma Has Been Suffering From Depression and Panic Attacks Since His Mother’s Passing

Steven Ma Has Been Suffering From Depression and Panic Attacks Since His Mother's Passing

Steven Ma’s (馬浚偉) new movie, “Till We Meet Again” (生前約死後) recently released in theaters. This is Steven Ma’s first time writing a screenplay, which he adapted based on true events from his life. He also directed and starred in the movie, which primarily talks about his experiences dealing with his mother’s sickness and eventual passing.

Starting from when he was six years old, he would always accompany his cancer stricken mother to the hospital. After his mother passed away, Steven Ma started to suffer from depression and panic attacks, which are also represented in the movie. The movie serves to provide closure to Steven Ma for some of the unfinished words between him and his mother. This year also marks the 20th anniversary of her passing.

While the main character in the movie also suffers from depression and panic attacks, like Steven Ma, he is also battling with schizophrenia. Steven Ma made a post on December 8 clarifying that he doesn’t suffer from schizophrenia. His post reads, “My depression started in 1999 when my mother passed away. In 2007, it was considered fully cured. As for the panic attacks, it has consumed me since 1999 to now. But don’t worry. I am okay. If the attacks are too severe, taking medication will be fine. As for schizophrenia, I don’t suffer from this disease. I just hoped to use drama to allow even more people to know about, care about, and understand some mental conditions of people who suffer from emotional illnesses. So there’s no need to worry.”

Credit: Apple Daily HK, Steven Ma FB