Eddie Peng Wants to Find a Girlfriend

Eddie Peng Wants to Find a Girlfriend

Taiwanese hunk, Eddie Peng (彭于晏), is a very private person and hasn’t had a girlfriend (that we know about) in a long time. The latest rumor he had was that he got married with good friend and actress, Janine Chang (張鈞甯), which was false. He was recently a guest on the show, “A Date with Lu Yu” (鲁豫有约). When the host, Lu Yu, asked him how he was able to keep the public guessing about his love life, Eddie Peng said, “Just don’t say it. If we date and they find out, then they find out, but it has been a long time since I dated…over 5 years.”

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Eddie Peng also revealed, “There was someone who I was able to connect with, but she was not in the industry and then later on because of work, there was no way…So if I was to be filmed, they really don’t have anything to film. Every time they always film my mother’s back and then say it’s so and so. She tells me to stop bringing her to travel. I really don’t have anyone to bring because I am always filming. Every time I am done filming, I want to find the time, but where would I find the opportunity to encounter someone. But I think matchmaking is too corny.”

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Lu Yu then asks Eddie Peng if he can find one thing he lost, what would he want to recover, he immediately responds, “My first love. Your first love is always the happiest. You’re always seeking that feeling with the ones you encounter later on, but it’s never there. When you’re fully devoted to love, it’s the most unforgettable or maybe I haven’t met that person yet. Perhaps after I’m done with this interview, I might encounter her.”

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4 thoughts on “Eddie Peng Wants to Find a Girlfriend

  1. I recently watched Janine Chang drama episode. She is a good actress. I just noticed that you are a good actor too. If you want to find love… you need to sacrifice & not chasing fame & money.

    You should consider Janine or Ning Chang. I think you are a good matched… she can take time off not acting if you decide to sincerely married her. She is very compassionate. She loves kids…

    It doesn’t matter what fans or media say about your love life… it is finding the person you can love for the rest of your life. Love is growing together to challenge each other.

    Ning Chang is Taiwanese & come from an educated family. You want to bring children into this world who can take care family & support you,

    Don’t go for quick romance & fade away…
    Ning Chang is very smart & charming…

    Pray about it… ask her parents permission before seriously court her.

    I have 2 brothers still not married… you can have money & fame but no family in the end. You are acting for a season to earn wealth to provide for your family..

    God will guide you if you allow Him to come to your heart(Proverbs 3:5-6).

    I hope this message gets to you. I speak Taiwanese but raised in Hawaii.

    You want to love that person the way God loves unconditionally not the way movie portray it.

    I have seen so many broken children suffered from parents who rushed to get married & end up divorced…

    Take this message from your older sister advice. I like Ning Chang & hope you can consider her…


  2. Eddie, if you allow patience to lead you to your first love, then find comfort in patience that this special person will find you. Age is but a number, love is infinity! Love is patient, she will find you when you least expect it! Don’t rush love, just to get to the moon! $$$$ cannot buy that first love you seek…your lifetime partner, companion.

    1. I agree with you in what you have said about love but his words are misrepresented, he has not said exactly that, nor that his last relationship was five years ago but a long time ago. Other sites have said that he has said “maybe more than five years ago” is a very inaccurate answer as if he himself did not know something that is not unlikely but the public knows that these sites misrepresent words and invent many things.

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