Eddie Peng Training for Dante Lam’s New Movie, Has to Deep Dive 40 Meters

Eddie Peng Longines Hong Kong Training for Dante Lam New Film

Taiwanese male god, Eddie Peng (彭于晏), attended a promotional event in Causeway Bay today for watch brand, Longines.  He has been the brand ambassador for four consecutive years.  Eddie Peng attracted more than 300 fans to the event and waved to them from inside the store.  He even joked that they probably don’t know who is inside.  He greeted the media in Cantonese and wished everyone Happy Halloween.

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Eddie Peng also reveals he’ll be starting training for Hong Kong director, Dante Lam’s new film about search and rescue operations at sea.  He reveals, “First we need to train our fitness, diving, and rescue training.  Next month we will start filming in China and overseas.”  When asked how deep he has to dive, Eddie Peng responded 40 meters.  He also reveals that he already has a deep diving license, but as he hasn’t done it in a long time, he needs to train again.  He says, “There are a lot of different situations underwater.  I have to do a lot of prep work.  Safety is first.  I am looking forward to this very much.”  

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Each film is harder than the previous.

Eddie Peng says he doesn’t know who his co-stars are right now.  He does say that every time he films a Dante Lam film, it is hard work.  He has worked with director Dante Lam on three films already that has required Eddie Peng to train heavily for his roles such as “Unbeatable,” “To the Fore,” and “Operation Mekong” and says each film is harder than the previous.  Eddie Peng mentioned he just finished filming a movie and had to slim down, while for this film, he’ll have to get bigger.  

Hidden Man Representing China for Best Foreign Film

As for his film, “Hidden Man,” representing China in the Oscars for Best Foreign Film, Eddie Peng happily says, “I know about it.  I am very happy.  I am also happy for the director.  I think to myself if the film gets selected, that means a lot of foreigners will see the film.  They will start to notice Chinese films.  I think this is very good and more people might get to know me.”

Credit: Ming Pao, JMENPlus IG

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