Shawn Yue Admits He’s Not Good at Changing Diapers, Shawn Yue: I am in Charge of Entertainment

Shawn Yue Son Cody Elekron Macau

Hong Kong actor, Shawn Yue (余文樂) was in Macau today attending a car stunt show called “Elekron.”  The event promoters even arranged for Shawn Yue to drive a few rounds.  When he got out the car, he said he has tried this before in movies.  He also said men naturally like speed and cars, just like women loving purses and diamonds.  

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Shawn Yue said after watching the rehearsal yesterday, he witnessed the difficulty in the flying car stunt performances.  He says, “I think it’s very dangerous.  It turns out a lot of them are Guinness nominees.  Being able to do so many stunts in a short period is very extreme.”  

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Shawn Yue, who is a first time father to new born son, Cody, was asked if he would be more cautious during filming now that he has his own family.  He said, “Not really.  The crew won’t really let you do these stunts.  Actors getting injured will impact the filming progress.  My mom has always objected to me filming dangerous scenes.  My wife doesn’t dislike it as much.  She will sometimes be on set with me if there are dangerous scenes.  She also came today, but my son didn’t come.”  

He also revealed he gets nervous when taking care of his son.  He says, “I get emotionally tired because most of the time I am taking care of him by myself.  I am not good at changing diapers and get shooed away.  However, I do help with showers and play with him because I am in charge of entertainment.”

Credit: Apple Daily, Shawn Yue IG