Felix Wong’s Wife, Leung Kit-wah, Passes Away at 59

Felix Wong's Wife, Leung Kit-wah, Passes Away at 59

Hong Kong actor, Felix Wong (黃日華), and his wife, Leung Kit-wah (梁潔華), have been married for 32 years. They’ve been known among the industry as a loving couple. Unfortunately, Leung Kit-wah was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in 2013. She was in remission until the disease came back in 2018. Felix Wong sadly and tearfully confirmed the passing of his wife on May 26. She was accompanied by Felix Wong and their daughter, Adrian Wong (黃芷晴), by her side.

Felix Wong revealed to the media that Leung Kit-wah passed away peacefully yesterday afternoon from organ failure. When Leung Kit-wah was first diagnosed, Felix Wong stuck by her side and took care of her while he was working hard everyday. It’s reported Felix Wong let his wife stay at a private hospital and bought a luxury home in the Beverly Hills complex in Tai Po so she can live comfortably.

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However, there was a rough patch in their marriage 20 years ago. After Leung Kit-wah left the film industry to focus on her family, she decided to work as an insurance agent. She rapidly moved up the ranks and became a manager. In 2000, she was caught by paparazzi driving up to the mountains with her colleague, Kenny. Felix said he believed in his wife. Afterwards, he even took a picture with Kenny at his company’s event.

Things escalated when it was exposed that Leung Kit-wah had traveled to Taiwan with Kenny. Felix Wong still chose to believe his wife. Leung Kit-wah had admitted this in an interview before and expressed Felix Wong had talked about divorce. She said, “He asked our daughter who she would follow. She said she wants to follow Mommy. He immediately said he didn’t want to divorce or else he would lose everything.”

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