Miss Hong Kong 1995 Winner, Winnie Young, Moves Family Back to San Francisco, After Failed Businesses in Hong Kong

Miss Hong Kong 1995 Winner, Winnie Young, Moves Family Back to San Francisco, After Failed Businesses in Hong Kong

Miss Hong Kong 1995 winner, Winnie Young (楊婉儀), was given quite a few acting opportunities after winning the crown at 21. She is most known for her role as “Ah Mun” in “Kindred Spirit” (真情). She married her businessman husband, Simon Wong Shuai-fun (王瑞勳), in 2003. The couple have a 15 year old daughter, Hannah, and a 13 year old son, Jonah. She started retreating from the entertainment industry in 2008 and focused on raising her children and managing her business with Simon Wong. She officially left TVB in 2012.

It’s reported Simon Wong had previously dabbled in the stock market, but encountered the financial crisis. He eventually started a few businesses with Winnie Young ranging from magazines, baby clothing, and a PR company, which were all not successful. Afterwards Winnie Young and Simon Wong partnered up and opened a kindergarten.

However, they got into legal trouble in 2017 due to poor management and financial issues with their business partner. Their already deceased partner had took them to court for $1.87 million HKD for construction fees, employee salaries and more.

They were taken to court by their creditors to recover millions of dollars. It was reported Winnie Young also had to sell her properties in Stanley and Happy Valley to raise cash. In addition, she used her Miss Hong Kong crown and a property in San Francisco as collateral to borrow $2.4 million HKD. The coupled owed $3.76 million including interest. Another business partner also sued them for $5 million HKD, including legal fees and interest. However, she had to relinquish both properties as they failed to repay the money owed.

Last year, it was reported Winnie Young and her husband were taken to court again for 4 months of unpaid rent totaling to $280,000 HKD. The family of four had to move from their big detached house in Sai Kung to a much smaller apartment. Aside from this, it was reported the bank had been going after them for unpaid credit card bills.

Due to all these lawsuits, Winnie Young relocated her family back to her hometown of San Francisco, California in 2019. Winnie Young often shares her lifestyle on social media and is now working as an English teacher teaching virtually.

Winnie Young also shares pictures of her kids. However, there haven’t been any pictures of her husband, Simon Wong, since May 2019.

Credit: TOPick, SkyPost, Winnie Young IG