Friends and Family Pay Tribute to Godfrey Gao on One Year Anniversary of His Passing with Music Video

Friends and Family Pay Tribute to Godfrey Gao on One Year Anniversary of His Passing with Music Video

It was the one year anniversary of Godfrey Gao’s (高以翔) passing on November 27, 2020. Godfrey Gao would’ve been 36 this past September. His family, friends, and fans around the world paid tribute on the anniversary of his passing to celebrate his life. Taiwanese singer, K. Swo, worked on a song with Godfrey Gao’s older brother, Charles Gao (高宇橋), Cindy Yen (袁詠琳), and Vanness Wu (吳建豪) called “Through it all”. The music video was released on November 27, which featured glimpses of Godfrey Gao’s past and his family.

Godfrey Gao was known to be really kind and friendly to his fans. This video was the last time he spoke to them before he went to film the show, “Chase Me”.

One of his fan clubs, Godfrey Gao Bar, took out billboard ads across 30+ Chinese cities from Nov. 27 to Nov. 29 to commemorate him. One of their messages is: “The joy of the rest of my life, no matter how the years go by, I still love you, I still miss you. After years of absence, those who long to meet will meet again.” Many of his fans also visited the billboard locations to take pictures.

Godfrey Gao’s girlfriend at the time, Bella Su, also posted a long tribute to him. One of the paragraphs she wrote, “In the past year, I saved a lot of my emotions for myself. I thought there was no need to spread the negative energy around me. I just wanted to leave the positive side to everyone because their inner tests can only be overcome by my own strength. Thinking of forcing myself to smile, maybe one day I will really genuinely smile from the heart, but I found that I can’t force myself after all. On the contrary, I need to have more sympathy, time, patience, and acceptance for myself. I gradually became aware of every emotion in the moment. I allowed myself to be aware of my own emotions and not let my emotions take me away. Once life gives you 100 reasons to cry, you should double up to give 1000 reasons to smile in life.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)