Huang Zitao Reacts to His Passionate Response Advising Fan to Break Up with Cheating Boyfriend

Huang Zitao Reacts to His Passionate Response Advising Fan to Break Up with Cheating Boyfriend

Huang Zitao (黄子韬) has been frequently live streaming lately while filming for a new series. He is always spewing out wisdom and ends up trending on Weibo. On December 4, Huang Zitao was trending twice for his advising a fan to break up with a cheating boyfriend while live streaming. A fan asked him for advice when a boyfriend is cheating. Huang Zitao was a bit excited and started saying very passionately, “What to do if your boyfriend is cheating? Immediately break up and you still need to ask me?! This type of cheating and you still ask me?! Definitely break up! What are you thinking?”

Huang Zitao then demonstrates what he would say and says, “You cheated. I don’t want you anymore. Get lost! I salute you. Goodbye. Be more poised! He already cheated. What are you doing with him?! Can you be more ambitious? Never dwell on the past, okay?! He cheats and you still endure it?! Are you mentally sick? He cheats once, there will be a second time! What to do if your girlfriend cheats? If your girlfriend cheats, it’s still goodbye! Gender equality, you know?! Whoever cheats, it’s still goodbye!”

He does another live stream later on and re-watches the video of him talking about cheating partners. Huang Zitao is in a bit of disbelief seeing himself act like that. He says, “Even though he is crazy, his three views (world views, values, and outlook on life) are correct. This current situation is the normal me. Everyone needs to understand Huang Zitao. Maybe I’m too depressed. Filming everyday is very tiring. Do a live stream, scream it out, I can also relate to him. I don’t even remember saying it so nosily.”

Huang Zitao then jokingly vents about Weibo for the trending hashtags they give him, such as “Huang Zitao urges fan who got cheated on to break up”, and said they should be trending more of his work. He also said Sina, which owns Weibo, wasn’t too kind for describing him as “irritable” while live streaming. Huang Zitao then says Sina workers are probably watching his live stream now and tells them not to fall in love with him. He salutes them and say’s he’s just joking. “Sometimes the words I say don’t need to be taken so seriously. Salute, okay! Let me tell you. Someone like me is nothing. Why? First off, I haven’t really dated that much. Never experienced it (cheating). But of course, I will definitely adhere to my principles and my three views (world views, values, and outlook on life).”

After the second live stream, he posted on Weibo and said, “Whether it’s crazy or mentally sick, as long as it’s right, having your smiles and happiness at that moment, it doesn’t matter what is said about me. Thank you for your smiles and ha ha ha and your salutes. It also makes me very happy and fortunate. I salute you guys! Salute! Good night! If you are happy and you smiled, then listen to “Moments”. Leave a comment. Salute!”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)

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