Taiwanese Influencer, Snowbaby Tsai Jui-hsueh, Reportedly Admits to Break Up with Riley Wang

Taiwanese Influencer, Snowbaby Tsai Jui-hsueh, Reportedly Admits to Break Up with Riley Wang

After Riley Wang’s (王以綸) breakup with Kuo Shu-yao (Yao Yao 郭書瑤), he has been rumored to be dating 24-year-old Taiwanese actress and influencer, Snowbaby Tsai Jui-hsueh (蔡瑞雪), since last December. It’s reported Riley Wang and Snowbaby Tsai met each other through mutual friends. Last November, Snowbaby Tsai had admitted she had a “suitor which she had feelings for”, which people speculated was Riley Wang. Snowbaby Tsai made a Valentine Day’s post this year saying, “Happy Valentine’s Day. Everyday is Valentine’s Day when you meet the right person. Just like when I met Snowball.”

Riley Wang liked the post and also made a post, saying, “2/14 = Quarantine at home for 14 days in February. Happy Valentine’s Day!” The media took this as Snowbaby Tsai and Riley King admitting to their relationship.

However, rumors started circulating the past few days that Snowbaby Tsai and Riley Wang have broken up. On December 2nd, Snowbaby Tsai was asked about her current relationship status with Riley Wang at the press conference for the movie, “Detention” (返校). According to Apple Daily Taiwan, Snowbaby Tsai was a bit taken a back by the question, but responded to the questions the next day. She said, “Due to the long distance and the pandemic, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. Both of us are very busy with work. It was too hard to maintain our relationship. So we agreed to peacefully break up.” She also said they broke up for a while already.

Snowbaby Tsai’s manager also responded to the breakup rumors saying, “Jui-hsueh has been quite happy lately with work and life. She has fallen in love with dancing recently too. She has been practicing dance very diligently. As for the relationship matters, we are not very clear.”

Snowbaby Tsai joined the 2017 Korean survival show, “Idol School”, but was eliminated in 34th place

Snowbaby Tsai had reportedly talked about Riley Wang back in May saying her family had already met him and said, “My family also really like him.” She also didn’t rule out working with him in the future as a CP in a drama. However, Riley Wang has been focusing on his career in China in recent years.

Credit: Apple Daily TW, Riley Wang Studio Weibo, Snowbaby Tsai IG