“Shadow of Love” Co-Stars, God and Richy, Reveal They are Dating

Shadow of Love Co-stars, God and Richy, Reveal They are Dating

Thai actor, Itthipat Thanit, known as God, rose to fame after starring in the 2017 Thai BL series, “2Moon: The Series”. His popularity grew after starring in the 2020 series, “Shadow of Love”, with female lead, Oranate D. Caballes, known as Richy. The series talks about mixed-sex twins who fall in love with the male lead, played by God. The male twin was forced by his mother to live as a female. Richy played the female twin.

The couple became a fan favorite on-screen couple. However, CP fans’ wishes came true on January 17 when God posted a picture of him driving with a girl in the passenger seat. His caption also said, “I finally found you 🧡 @richyoranate” and tagged Richy.

Richy left a comment on the post saying, “You are worth the wait.” God replied to her with two hearts. Richy also posted a picture with God on her page and said, “I am lucky to have a friend like you.🤍☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ #luckyiminlovewithmybestfriend.” and tagged God. He also shared an IG story of him and Richy at the beach.

Credit: Thai Headlines, Richy IG

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