Zheng Shuang and Her Father Address Surrogacy, Abandonment Recording, and Exposes Zhang Heng for Cheating

Zheng Shuang and Her Father Address Surrogacy, Abandonment Recording, and Exposes Zhang Heng for Cheating

It was a tumultuous day on January 18 when it was revealed Zheng Shuang (郑爽), mother of the two babies with her ex-boyfriend, Zhang Heng (张恒), had been taking care of her children in the US. As Zhang Heng’s camp exposed more details about the two babies and the couple’s relationship, rumors were circulating Zhang Shuang had her children through surrogacy. The topic became a huge issue and was being widely discussed as surrogacy is illegal in China. However, the most alarming news to come out of this scandal was a 2:35 minute long video clip allegedly revealing Zheng Shuang and her parents suggesting to “abandon the babies” or “give them up for adoption” after her relationship with Zhang Heng went sour.

Zhang Heng’s Father Reveals Adoption Process Email, Refutes Zheng Shuang’s Claims about Not Being Able to See Her Children

New Recording Allegedly Shows Zheng Shuang Calling the Pregnancies a “Mistake” and “Giving Away the Children Would Be a Good Thing”

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Zheng Shuang’s response

A day later, Zheng Shuang made several statements on January 19 addressing the allegations of “abandoning” her infant children that she had through surrogates with Zhang Heng. She wrote:

“This is an extremely sad and private situation for me. I originally didn’t want to say too much in front of everyone, but the situation has already been exposed step by step with ulterior motives. I thought about it for a long time. I didn’t want to take up public resources, but I had no choice but to respond.

Since two years ago, legal teams from China and the US have never given up on protecting the legal rights of my family and I nor have they given up communication and mediating with the other party. However, in the Chinese legal process, we have repeatedly refused extortion in exposing our privacy. In the American legal process, I have also taken the lead to defend my rights.

Friend Claims Zheng Shuang Said Cheating On Zhang Heng Was For His Own Good

As an artist, I am deeply aware of the prevention, control, and the importance of the pandemic in our country. I didn’t go against the country’s instructions on Chinese soil. I also respected all laws and regulations overseas.

If all unverified information requires me to publicly explain it, this is my most sincere response.”

Zheng Shuang’s initial response confused a lot of people, which prompted the hashtag “don’t understand what I am reading” to trend.

Zheng Shuang Allegedly Listed as the Mother of Her Ex-Boyfriend, Zhang Heng’s Two Children on Birth Certificates

Alleged Recording Suspected to be of Zheng Shuang and Her Parents Suggesting to “Abandon, Give Up Babies for Adoption” with Zhang Heng’s Father

Zheng Shuang on the recording

Zheng Shuang makes another post, saying:

“Firstly, this is the Zheng Shuang who is still very low and without a team.

I don’t avoid anything I said. I denied everything immediately and did my best in everything to end everything. I’ve never thought if he cheated, what should I do? It was September 27, 2019 on the airplane. After I got off the plane, I completed my work. At night, I was crying and repenting, I didn’t say anything. The next day, he even asked my team if they prepared clothes for him. It also shocked the team. I’ve never thought about magnifying the unpleasant things. I just wanted to resolve it calmly, including the future, including the loans between us. However, being alone overseas, I was losing more and more control of things. So I hurriedly returned home. I handled the company’s matters.

Leaked Audio Suspected to be Zheng Shuang’s Farewell Speech on Quitting Showbiz

Later on, Heng’s parents went to apologize and made amends with my parents. It was probably from night to dawn, I was crying and also had some complaints. What appeared was the recording you all heard. If it was the full version, it should be 6 hours long. Who wouldn’t be sad over their daughter? My parents only hoped I wouldn’t cry and go to sleep quickly. That night, my parents accompanied me. My dad said, ‘Dake’ (His nickname for her), it’s okay. He wants money, then give it to him. It’s not important. As long as you’ve thought it clearly, it’s fine. Don’t dwell on the past. I would only want to blame myself even more. I am really what they call a silly girl. These are my own mistakes and yet my family has to bear the responsibility.

Friend Claims Zheng Shuang Said Cheating On Zhang Heng Was For His Own Good

Zheng Shuang Thinks it Might Be Better if She Didn’t Date Her Manager Boyfriend, Zhang Heng

Dad, mom, I am very sorry for not letting you guys speak up until now because every time we say something, it can become gossip. That night, I handed over Zhang Heng’s passport. However, the company’s financial teacher was not present the next day for various reasons. The four million entry in the books was gradually used up and not seen anymore. Even though I can rush to pay the rent, I have no way of getting it back. I started to think the situation isn’t as simple as it seems. I needed help and how to resolve the situation with the children…”

Zheng Shuang Reveals Reason for Her Extreme Weight Loss

In a follow up post, she wrote:

“To add: How do I have money? I debuted at 16. My contract was up in 2016. Afterwards, I took over all the finances, assistant work ,and even make up and styling. I am very sorry for wanting to save more money when I was young so I could invest and collect rent.

Interlude: I saw the hot trend

Gratitude, respect, support, apologies for undisclosed privacy.”

Zheng Shuang Reveals 2020 Court Documents Suing Zhang Heng to Gain Legal Custody of Children

Zheng Shuang’s father on Zhang Heng and his family

Zheng Shuang’s father, Zheng Chenghua (郑成华), also made a long post calling out Zhang Heng and his family. He said, “Everything was taken out of context. His family is so bad! Sinister and cunning, extreme scumbag! Whole family is scum! They’re willing to do anything for money. Despicable!” Zheng Chenghua also alleges they were the ones who paid for all the expenses to start a company. He also claims they lent 20 million RMB to Zhang Heng personally, which he still hasn’t paid back. Zheng Chenghua alleges Zhang Heng cheated on Zheng Shuang several times during their relationship and that he had recorded a lot of indecent videos of girls on his phone. His mother reportedly said, “My son only cheated, what’s the big deal?”. They also said they were secretly recorded for over 6 hours and that the Zhang family were not sincere in their talks.

Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng Face Each Other in First Custody Hearing in Denver

Zheng Shuang and her parents

The Aftermath of Zheng Shuang’s Surrogacy Scandal: Loss of Endorsements, Scolding by Government, Boycott By Producers, and More

As for the abandonment and adoption remarks, Zheng Chenghua said, “We are a responsible family. We have never given up. We have to take responsibility fo these two children.” He also alleges the Zhang family blackmailed them a few days ago to resolve the matters privately or else they would slander them.”

Both parties just had a second court hearing on January 19 over their financial disputes. It’s reported Zheng Shuang’s family refused to go through mediation. The former couple reportedly have an upcoming divorce hearing in Denver, Colorado in March.

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6 thoughts on “Zheng Shuang and Her Father Address Surrogacy, Abandonment Recording, and Exposes Zhang Heng for Cheating

  1. Those poor children. I really hope whatever happens is the best resolution for their health, safety and happiness. Their parents are both being immature and selfish. But whatever Zhang Heng may be as a boyfriend/husband (and he may well be completely awful) he didn’t abandon his children the second it became inconvenient. Zheng Shuang spoke about the 2 kids as if they were commodities she could exchange or return at will. Imagine having that for a parent. They have definitely been cursed to have her as a mother. I hope it is not also a curse for them to have the father they have.

    Wishing for the best futures possible for the brother and sister. Hope their mother and father can grow up asap.

    1. I just want to say that children are NOT accessories. They didn’t have themselves. If these two adults agreed on having children together it is their responsibility to take care of them. No matter what they did to each other. If the decision to have the children was something agreed on they should take responsibility. They both came to the US for that reason. So to just try to get rid of the children/abandon them as if they were clothes on a rack that you can just put back because you changed your mind is ridiculous and very messed up. All of this he said she said stuff… I don’t know what they did to each other. But we’re talking about lives here. Does him borrowing / taking money or cheating on her change this situation … NO!!! Not at all and it was a lousy excuse to even bring up in regards to the children. It just shows that she and her faimly left the kids with this type of person. I’m not taking sides here but they need to just figure out what’s best for the children. Because at this point they still are not talking about their wellbeing. But rather trashing each other. Smh
      They all need to grow up. Including the parents…

  2. It’s possible that Zheng Shuang might’ve been blackmailed for money by her ex, and thus her supporting her vehemence for not having her kids, but I find it very irresponsible of her and her family to consider giving away her kids as if they’re just packages. They decided to have kids together. They made that choice to pursue surrogacy. They took that extra step to ensure progeny and then decided to back out last minute? I don’t want to blame women who choose to pursue electing their children for adoption, or those who choose abortions, but she didnt have these kids by accident nor is she in any danger of going broke. She just think they’re inconveniences that can be given away.

    For her ex to reveal these details, it’s kind of counterintuitive if he expects her to be a money maker. Him exposing her means she will lose all her income and thus wouldn’t be able to support him financially either. But there is definitely a possibility he’s doing this to threaten her for money further – I just think by doing this he is jeopardizing both of them. Which isn’t a smart move.

    Either way, I can’t believe something so preposterous actually happened in this day and age. I hope to hear more updates on what’s going on and that the children will be in good hands eventually.

    1. I think the huge publicity in this case has garnered sympathy for him and the children, and she will be forced to let the children and their father return to China. Then he will probably make money out of the children since they’re already famous. It’s probably a calculated move on his part.

      I think ZS is disgusting, but ZH seems like a piece of trash too. He probably did cheat on her, blackmail her and live off of her. This is in no way an excuse for the way ZS acted though, she and her family are despicable and she deserves the public outrage and everything that’s coming to her.

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