Leon Li Chuan Uses His Pet Shiba Inu’s Account to Respond to Rumors Zheng Shuang was Cheating with Him

Leon Li Chuan Uses His Pet Shiba Inu's Account to Respond to Rumors Zheng Shuang was Cheating with Him

Since Zheng Shuang (郑爽) and her baby daddy, Zhang Heng’s (张恒) situation with surrogacy and talks about giving their children up for adoption were exposed, many other rumors have been circulating. Zheng Shuang was accused of cheating on Zhang Heng with a celebrity whose last name begins with H. The rumors also stated Zheng Shuang gave him a dog. Neo Hou Minghao (侯明昊) was the person of interest as the two of them worked together in the 2019 series, “A Chinese Ghost Story”. His studio immediately denied the rumors with a “Fake” post on January 18.

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Neo Hou Minghao

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Another co-star from “A Chinese Ghost Story”, Leon Li Chuan (李川), was also dragged into the mix as well. He has reportedly also received a dog as a present from Zheng Shuang. On January 18, he used his pet shiba inu’s Weibo account, “红枣爱洗澡”, which translates to “Red Jujube/Date loves to bathe”, to respond to the dating rumors.

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He wrote, “‘A Chinese Ghost Story’ started filming in April 2019. It wrapped up filming in August. She broke up in October 2019. As for the reason and who cheated, the parties involved clearly know in their minds. About gifting a dog, giving a dog means liking someone? These are two separate things. Don’t be so yin and yang, mysterious and strange with your private messages. I’ll block each one that comes.”

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Leon Li Chuan

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