Leaked Audio Suspected to be Zheng Shuang’s Farewell Speech on Quitting Showbiz

Leaked Audio Suspected to be Zheng Shuang's Farewell Speech on Quitting Showbiz

It’s day four of Zheng Shuang’s (郑爽) scandal. While it seems likely that Zheng Shuang’s career won’t recover from this, she was reportedly seen recording a show called “King of Comedy” for Beijing TV on January 19. Netizens were shocked that shows were still using her. However, the netizen who reported this claims the show won’t air. On January 21, a leaked audio clip is suspected to be of Zheng Shuang’s farewell speech on her departure from showbiz.

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In the 4.5+ minutes long clip, Zheng Shuang is heard saying, “I believe a lot of people saw the hot trends these past two days. I am not someone who likes to avoid problems. Actually, in these two days, I prepared the program for this stage, but today, I feel the hot trend has become work stress for me. I don’t know if this stage will be my farewell to the audience…’

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Zheng Shuang then goes into story telling mode about her previous roommates. Midway into her speech, she says, “I believe there are a lot of times where I make people feel embarrassed. It is not my intention. Maybe because I really don’t have much acting skills…really…just lucky.”

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There is a slight pause and Zheng Shuang starts to cry. She says, “Today, I don’t know if I should cry or smile.” In the background, someone is heard yelling, “jiayou!”. Zheng Shuang responds, “I don’t wish for people to say jiayou to me today. I really think I am very ordinary, but because of some successful television works, I became known to everyone. This is the result of the hard work from all the staff that you can’t see in front of the TV. This is their results, not mine. So no matter what, thank you to all the crew members who have worked and filmed with me all these years. Xiao Shuang was really ignorant back then, but I think it’s still quite real. So that’s it for today.” Someone else is heard saying, “Okay! Cut! Thank you to Zheng Shuang and her performance for “King of Comedy”.

Listen here: https://weibo.com/tv/show/1034:4595741751181350?from=old_pc_videoshow

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On January 20, the National Radio and Television Administration issued a statement on their public account denouncing Zheng Shuang and her actions. They criticized her for circumventing the law, going through surrogacy overseas, abandoning her children, and said her personal morals were lacking. They also effectively blacklisted her by saying, “We will not provide opportunities and platforms for those with scandals and bad track records to make a statement and show their faces.”

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