Former Super Junior Member, Kim Ki-bum, Reminisces with Kim Hee-chul and Why He Left the Group

Former Super Junior Member, Kim Ki-bum, Reminisces with Kim Hee-chul and Why He Left the Group

Kim Ki-bum was one of the original members that debuted with K-Pop group, Super Junior, in 2005. However, when Super Junior was promoting “Sorry, Sorry” in 2009, Kim Ki-bum was absent from the promotions, which led to speculations he left the group. However, those rumors were denied. Since then, Kim Ki-bum focused on his acting career. While Kim Ki-bum never officially announced his departure from the group, he didn’t participate in any future Super Junior activities either.

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When Kim Ki-bum’s contract expired in 2015, he officially left Super Junior and SM. He recently opened his own Youtube channel and did a video with his former Super Junior group mate, Kim Hee-chul. They reminisced a lot about the past and even talked about why he left Super Junior for the first time.

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Kim Hee-chul asked him, “Speak honestly, how do you feel about Super Junior’s memories?” Kim Ki-bum responded, “It’s a bunch of hyungs who trained together and also a group that debuted together.” They also mentioned when Cho Kyu-hyun was added to the group, it went from Super Junior 05 to Super Junior 06 and in the end, it became an official group. As Kim Ki-bum and Kim Hee-chul were actively promoting as actors as well, Kim Ki-bum said he couldn’t really concentrate at that time.

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Reflecting back, Kim Hee-chul recalled SM’s original plans were for him and Kim Ki-bum to join Super Junior 05 and then they would depart from the group the next year. What was unexpected was Super Junior 05 got really popular, which became an official group. Kim Hee-chul also revealed Kim Ki-bum was really nervous whenever he entered the recording studio at the time. In order to practice his pronunciation, he would bite his pen to practice. Kim Hee-chul even said Kim Ki-bum’s singing wasn’t good. Kim Ki-bum smiled while nodding his head and said, “It was extremely bad.”, and felt sorry to his members.

Afterwards, Kim Ki-bum requested to have less lines in order not to burden the group. In the end, he had no parts, which Kim Hee-chul said he looked much more relaxed. Kim Hee-chul then asked Kim Ki-bum why he left the group. Kim Ki-bum responded, “I voluntarily left because I wanted to concentrate on acting.” Kim Hee-chul then asks him, “Are the memories with the members good?” Kim Ki-bum said, “They were good and bad.” Kim Hee-chul expanded on that and said, “The bad memories is because we were young at the time. Even you and I argued before. The members have also experienced a few arguments before, we reconciled, and it wasn’t that big of a deal.”

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