Former TVB Host, Plato Lai, Says Ex-Girlfriend, Yoyo Chen, Always Had a Stank Face

Former TVB Host, Plato Lai, Says Ex-Girlfriend, Yoyo Chen, Always Had a Stank Face

Yoyo Chen’s (陳自瑤) expression was the show stealer at the 2020 TVB Anniversary awards ceremony when her husband, Vincent Wong (王浩信), thanked her in his speech for winning the “Best Male Actor in a Leading Role”. All the attention was focused on Yoyo Chen’s iconic “stank face”. What the camera didn’t show was Yoyo Chen giving her husband a hug on stage after the show was over. Because of this, netizens said she deserved the best actress award instead.

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Even though the news has died down already, Yoyo Chen’s ex-boyfriend and former TVB Entertainment News host, Plato Lai (黎國輝), brought up the topic of Yoyo Chen’s “stank face” once again on his Youtube channel. Plato Lai and Yoyo Chen dated for 7 years over 20 years ago. So when he and his partner, Roland Leung (梁梓禧), were analyzing why Yoyo Chen had a “stank face”, he said, “I was with her for 7 years. She always had a stank face because she’s a Virgo. So having a stank face isn’t such a weird thing.” As for Roland Leung who also knows her, he said, “I can’t communicate with her. I am very scared of Virgos. She is very Virgo.”

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Plato Lai continued explaining, “What did I do wrong for her to make this face? I can’t even yell at her family. It needs to be a really big incident or something relating to her personal interests. She needs a lot of security. If she loses complete confidence and a sense of security or loss of hope, there is a possibility she will be like this (stank face).

Plato Lai

From Roland Leung’s point of view, he thinks there are issues between Yoyo Chen and Vincent Wong and believes in the rumors that they live in separate flats in the same building. He explained, “However bad the relationship is, if your other half gets an award, you would still have some sort of moved expression, you would be happy.” He also said the other possibility is that Yoyo Chen make this expression to get exposure. Plato Lai agreed with him and said, “There is a possibility if it happened to Ms. Chen. She is very career-oriented.”

Roland Leung and Plato Lai

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