TVB Rumored to Have Delayed Ruco Chan’s Works to Pave Way for Vincent Wong to Win Best Actor Award

TVB Rumored to Have Delayed Ruco Chan's Works to Pave Way for Vincent Wong to Win Best Actor Award

It’s almost time for the annual TVB Anniversary Awards (萬千星輝頒獎典禮). Like the 2019 award show that was held in January, the 2020 award show will be held in January 2021. There have been rumors that TVB is poised to give the award to Vincent Wong (王浩信) this year. The first time he won was in 2017 for “Legal Mavericks”. The sequel to the drama, “Legal Mavericks 2020” (踩過界II), is also airing now during the “anniversary slot” period, which seems to give some truth to the rumor.

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There were some rumors that because of TVB’s plan to push Vincent Wong for the award, Ruco Chan’s (陳展鵬) series, “Chinatown” (唐人街), has been constantly pushed back. The series was originally planned to air in September along with a song and music video Ruco Chan planned to coincide with the series, after signing a singing contract in May this year. As the series is delayed, Ruco Chan is also pushing back the release of the song.

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Ruco Chan had even promoted the series on IG and said it would be coming soon. However, the series was suddenly replaced by “Go! Go! Go! Operation C9” (C9特工), followed by “The Witness” (木棘証人), and then Vincent Wong’s “Legal Mavericks 2020”. He hasn’t had a series air since 2018’s “Succession War” (天命). Aside from “Chinatown”, he has also only filmed “Sinister Beings” (逆天奇案) and “I’ve Got the Power” (超能使者) since then, but neither have aired.

When asked why the series got pushed back the last minute, Ruco Chan said he didn’t ask why, but revealed the producer told him there were “some things that haven’t been handled yet”. As for the rumors that the series was pulled to pave the way for Vincent Wong to get best actor, Ruco Chan said, “Well the rumors aren’t just limited to Vincent Wong. Raymond Lam (林峯) hasn’t filmed [with TVB] for so long and he came back. I believe the company is fair.”

Fans were starting to worry that Ruco Chan was decreasing his work load due to the birth of his new born daughter. Since Ruco Chan won best actor for the 2017 series, “The Unholy Alliance” (同盟), he has only had “Succession War” air in the last 3 years. He hasn’t been nominated for “Best Actor” since 2018 and it looks like this year will also be a wash for him. However, Ruco Chan said, “These things are not in my control. I didn’t have any series last year. There is no pressure to compete for awards. I didn’t even go to the award ceremony.”

Credit:, Ruco Chan IG, Vincent Wong Weibo