Jackson Wang’s Team Denies Signing Exclusive Contract with Rain’s Management Company

Jackson Wang's Team Denies Signing Exclusive Contract with Rain's Management Company

On January 19, GOT7’s contract with JYP Entertainment officially ended. All 7 members decided not to renew with the company. Many fans are curious about each of the member’s future plans. Jackson Wang’s (王嘉尔) team had previously stated he would be signing with his TEAM WANG label in the future.

However, Korean news agency, DISPATCH, reported on January 20 that when a representative from Jackson Wang’s team spoke with them, they said, “Jackson Wang’s label, TEAM WANG, recently met with Sublime Artist Agency to discuss career related topics.” However, they later clarified, “It was not an occasion about discussing exclusive contracts.”

Jackson Wang’s team further denied the rumors he is signing an exclusive contract with Sublime Artist Agency, which is home to Rain, Song Kang-ho, and more. They reiterated Jackson Wang will be launching his global activities with his TEAM WANG brand. As for his Korean activities and signing with an agency, they have not been confirmed yet.

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Credit: Weibo (1, 2)