No Intense Intimate Scenes for Jessica Hsuan and Moses Chan in “Armed Reaction 2021”

No Intense Intimate Scenes for Jessica Hsuan and Moses Chan in Armed Reaction 2021

The cast of TVB’s “Armed Reaction 2021” (陀槍師姐 2021) attended a promotional event recently. Moses Chan (陳豪), who plays an SDU head of the Unsolved Cases police team, was actually a robber in the third series. He said he had just joined TVB at the time and was assigned to play a villain role. He didn’t think after all these years, he would be upgraded.

As for Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), she plays a detective under Moses Chan’s team. The running joke is that she is always a hostage in her series. Jessica Hsuan joined in on the joke and said, “I don’t even remember if I portrayed a hostage 26 or 27 times. This time, the script was being written while we were filming.”

When asked if they have any romantic scenes in the series, Jessica Hsuan revealed, “The most is hugging. No intense scenes. Because of the pandemic, everyone is scared. So we tried to avoid intimate scenes.” Moses Chan, who just moved houses, was asked by the reporters if they plan on having more children. He said, “It’s enough. Should stop while I’m ahead. We’ll deal with it if there is an accident.” When asked if he made more than 10 million HKD by selling the old house, Moses Chan said, “The most important thing is everyone is happy.”

Jessica Hsuan also praised Moses Chan was very keen. As for staying single, Jessica Hsuan said, “I like to live by myself and be independent. I really don’t have patience taking care of children. I have 4 dogs and 3 cats at home, which are enough for me. After all, you don’t have to teach them how to study, it’s much easier to handle taking care of pets.”

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