Mao Xiaotong Reveals Audio Recordings of Chen Xiang Explaining Why He was Half Naked with Jiang Kaitong

Mao Xiaotong Reveals Audio Recordings of Chen Xiang Explaining Why He was Half Naked with Jiang Kaitong

The saga continues between Mao Xiaotong (毛晓彤) and Chen Xiang (陈翔) and the cheating allegations between him and actress, Jiang Kaitong (江铠同). All parties made their statements with Chen Xiang denying he cheated and Jiang Kaitong denying she was the third party. Mao Xiaotong’s studio also made a statement saying “Continuous lies” and “Please behave yourself well”.

Mao Xiaotong Responds to Ex-Boyfriend, Chen Xiang, Denying He Cheated During Their Relationship

Jiang Kaitong

After more statements from Jiang Kaitong and Chen Xiang’s friends came out, Sina Entertainment reached out to Mao Xiaotong’s studio and they expressed there were inconsistencies with what they said from what really happened. They also provided two audio recordings as proof, explaining, “[We] recorded it because at the time, we were constantly being cyber bullied. Save some evidence to protect ourselves. The first audio recording is from the beginning of October 2017. The second recording is from the end of October 2017 when the male party’s variety show aired.”

Mao Xiaotong and Chen Xiang

In the first recording, Chen Xiang explained he had just taken off his coat and was getting ready to change and that’s when Mao Xiaotong came in. He said it was all a coincidence. Mao Xiaotong said, “I saw you were naked on top. You think I am blind? Why was Jiang Kaitong hiding? It’s so weird. A man and a woman alone together in a room. You were naked on top. She saw me and started hiding. Then you asked me, ‘Why are you here?’ Your tone was really bad.”

Mao Xiaotong and Chen Xiang

One of Chen Xiang’s friend had allegedly said to the media that Mao Xiaotong was purposely setting up Chen Xiang to make him look bad with a lot of these conversations. So in the studio’s second recording, Mao Xiaotong is heard saying, “Chen Xiang, I’m telling you, I have already been courteous to you. Why do I have to coordinate with you and help you with your persona?! When you hid from me a month ago, you were already trying to bury a hole.”

Mao Xiaotong was referring to the time when Chen Xiang jumped the gun and announced their breakup in tears while recording for “The Inn” (亲爱的客栈) before they had officially announced their breakup in 2017. When Mao Xiaotong confronted him, he said, “I drank too much. I don’t remember.” He also said, “You must know what’s called dubbing. I don’t have a choice either to go against any other platform.”

Chen Xiang crying on “The Inn”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)

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