Yang Mi Takes Jab at Fans on How They Treat Her Studio

Yang Mi Takes Jab at Fans on How They Treat Her Studio

Yang Mi (杨幂) had a recent interview where she was asked, “If you stepped into an anti-fan group and a boasting (fans) club, what ID name would you use for each club?” For the anti-fan club, she responded, “Jaywalk Yang Mi Studio. Yell at Jaywalk Yang Mi studio, don’t yell at me. There are some fans who tend to yell at them more.” As for her boasting club ID, Yang Mi said, “Jaywalk Studio Boss Zeng Jia. They complain about work arrangements, complain about photoshopping the pictures with the studio workers. Whatever ID you use, they will yell at them anyway. They will yell at the studio no matter what. I feel 100% of fans are 100% unsatisfied with the studio.”

As for fans telling her to hurry up and post selfies, Yang Mi said, “It’s not okay if you don’t arrange for 18 pic selfies. Hurry and arrange for it. You hear that, Jaywalk Yang Mi Studio?” On how she would respond to them, Yang Mi said, “Already filmed it. It’s all at Jaywalk Yang Mi Studio. If there are issues, go find them. If they haven’t posted it yet, it’s their problem.”

Yang Mi’s fans have often made very vocal complaints about her studio and the team for either not giving her good works to film. They once showed up at one of Yang Mi’s public event and held up signs protesting their demands for her studio to fulfill. Aside from her dramas, her fans have been very critical about the way her photos are taken and are very vocal if they are overly photoshopped or unhappy with the outfits or pose.

Credit: Sohu (1), Weibo (1, 2)

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