“Shine! Super Brothers”Selects 7 Member Celebrity Boy Band

"Shine! Super Brothers"Selects 7 Member Celebrity Boy Band

Youku and Dragon TV’s joint reality show, “Shine! Super Brothers”, aired its finale on February 27. The show is a male version of MangoTV’s highly popular “Sisters Who Make Waves”, where 21 male celebrities compete for a second chance to be on the stage again. However, in the beginning of the show, the crew mentioned they wouldn’t form any group. Instead, they would choose a representative to represent the brothers as a charity ambassador. It’s unsure why they changed the rules.

The 7 members boy band include, Tan Jianci who won with 284 votes to get the center spot, Chen Zhiming, Jason Fu, Fu Xinbo, Hu Xia, Julius Liu Wei, and Yu Menglong. It’s unclear if they’ll promote as a group given the show’s original rule.

Some netizens noticed the show’s finale stage looked quite similar to K-Pop group, THE BOYZ’s “REVEAL” stage from 2020 performances at MAMA and “Road to Kingdom”. Netizens noticed chariots were used in “Shine! Super Brothers”, which is very similar to what THE BOYZ had in their performance.

Another similarity is where two members are standing atop the base of the flags while sparks flew out. Netizens started accusing the show of copying the moves from THE BOYZ’s performances.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3, 4)

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