Hua Chenyu’s Studio Denies Dating Rumors with “The Coming One: Girls” Contestant, Fan Boyi

Hua Chenyu's Studio Denies Dating Rumors with The Coming One Girls Contestant, Fan Boyi

Hua Chenyu (华晨宇) was one of the male celebrities dragged into the notorious “30+ million top tier celebrity” dating rumor that plagued a few other artists on March 16. The rumor stated a celebrity with over 30 million followers is dating “blank”. After Wang Yibo and Li Zixuan’s studios denied the dating rumors, the focus was shifted to Hua Chenyu.

Hua Chenyu got dragged into dating rumors with Fan Boyi (樊博艺), a contestant on “The Coming One: Girls” (明日之子: 水晶时代), where he was a mentor. Hua Chenyu’s studio immediately issued a statement denying the rumors and said, “‘Hua Chenyu second pregnancy’, ‘Hua Chenyu Fan Boyi romance’, ‘Hua Chenyu cohabitating’, ‘Hua Chenyu rumored girlfriend’, ‘Hua Chenyu rumored girlfriend pregnant’, ’30 million melon is Hua Chenyu’, ’30 million top tier melon is Hua Chenyu’, ‘Hua Chenyu traveling to Japan with girlfriend’, and other comments are rumors fabricated out of thin air.”, and demanding those involved to immediately delete the relevant content.

Fan Boyi and Hua Chenyu on “The Coming One: Girls”

Fan Boyi also addressed the dating rumors, saying, “Even though after the show ended, I haven’t had a chance to thank Huahua-laoshi in person, but I listened to [his] new song immediately. I also hope to follow laoshi as an example and make great music!”

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