Genie Chuo Admits to Dating “HIStory 2” Actor, Hsu Shao-yu

Genie Chuo Admits to Dating HIStory 2 Actor, Hsu Shao-yu

Taiwanese singer and actress, Genie Chuo (卓文萱), was rumored to be dating Taiwanese actor, Hsu Shao-yu (許少瑜), last year when they were spotted riding on a motorcycle together. Afterwards, they were spotted entering Hsu Shao-yu’s home. In a recent interview with Taiwanese media, Genie Chuo admitted that she has been dating Hsu Shao-yu for a year already.

Last May, the two of them posted pictures with each other visiting the other person at work. On Genie Chuo’s post, she included the caption, “What coffee is the best to drink? Coffee that is visiting is the best~.” Taiwanese actress, Jennifer Kang Yin-yin, had left a comment saying, “Oh my! Oh My! Oh My!”, leading people to think there might be something between the two.

The 35 year old Genie Chuo revealed that she wants to get married and have children. Hsu Shao-yu is 6 years her junior and had a role in Taiwanese BL series, “HIStory2: Crossing the Line” (HIStory2-越界). Hsu Shao-yu started acting in 2017. Prior to joining the entertainment industry, he was once a street dance teacher, fitness instructor, and boxing instructor.

Credit: ETtoday, IG (1, 2)