Sam Lin’s Girlfriend, Joyce Chu, Sparks Backlash After Posting Song Cover from “We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd” OST

Sam Lin's Girlfriend, Joyce Chu, Sparks Backlash After Posting Song Cover from "We Best Love" Fighting Mr. 2nd" OST

Taiwanese singer and actor, Sam Lin (林子閎), gained popularity after starring in the Taiwanese BL drama series, “We Best Love” (永遠的第一名), alongside his co-star, Yang Yuteng (楊宇騰) or YU. The show is currently airing its second season, “We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd” (第二名的逆襲), on WeTV, which has been a huge hit amongst Chinese fans. The series has been trending numerous times on Weibo whenever an episode airs.

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On the night of March 19, Sam Lin’s girlfriend, Malaysian singer, Joyce Chu (朱主爱), uploaded her song cover of Eric Chou’s “Unbreakable Love”, which is a song in the “Fighting Mr. 2nd” OST, on Weibo. She included the caption, “Gifting this to those who are working hard to persist in love.” Fans of the series started yelling at Joyce Chu on Weibo for trying to make Sam Lin lose fans. Because of this, the hashtag “Zhu Zhu’ai (Joyce Chu) and Lin Zihong (Sam Lin)” was trending at #3 on Weibo’s hot search list on March 20.

It’s worth noting “Unbreakable Love” is a song from 2017 and enjoyed recent popularity again due to trainees performing the song on Tencent’s survival show, “CHUANG 2021”.

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Chinese fans of Sam Lin and YU accused Joyce Chu of trying to gain clout and hype by posting her cover to the song shortly after “Fighting Mr. 2nd” was trending on Weibo. They suspect it was Joyce Chu who bought the hot search herself as they claim several yxh (marketing) accounts were using the same text in their posts defending her and blaming CP fans for being crazy and going to her Weibo to leave mean comments. Joyce Chu deleted the song cover shortly after, but fans still left comments on her other Weibo posts and Instagram.

Furthermore, CP fans noticed Joyce Chu had already posted a picture of her wearing the same outfit she wore in the cover video on Instagram three days prior to the post on Weibo. They questioned why she waited to post the video three days later. This spurred on the hate messages in the comments section of the IG post below.

Sam Lin and Joyce Chu have been dating for around 3 years. Since Sam Lin became more popular because of the series, the media has pressed on about his relationship with Joyce Chu, which he has tried to avoid answering. Because of the pandemic, the two haven’t been able to see each other for over a year with Joyce Chu currently working in China.

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18 thoughts on “Sam Lin’s Girlfriend, Joyce Chu, Sparks Backlash After Posting Song Cover from “We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd” OST

  1. Everyone always hating on her. I remember her in the idol show, she busted out crying because ppl are so mean to her on social media. Looks like it never stops. I saw she’s good acquaintance with Wang Talu and that’s good. She needs some supportive ppl in her life.

  2. Oooh so everybody says they’ve been dating for 3 years, but when is the last time either Sam or Joyce said they were dating?
    I would really like to know otherwise it’s just gossip and speculations.
    Thanks Sister! Xx

    1. Yeah all of their current profiles say they’re single but suddenly they aren’t… I hope this gets cleared up as either fact or rumor

      1. Ah that’s interesting… Their current profiles say “single”… Goodie! 🙂 then it’s time to stop speculations and the journalists’ intrusive questions

        1. I’m not very sure because i dont understand chinese but there was this interview with the wbl cast where Sam was a little upset and the interviewer asked him if he broke up with his girlfriend. On this he just smiled/blushed. Yu was sitting right beside him and Ray told Yu to comfort Sam and so my baby Yu did. It all went to the usual environment again and Sam even kissed Yu on the cheek a few minutes later the above question was asked. For me I’d say Sam really gives mixed signals haha and its very professional of Yu to handle situations like this when he knows his partner in the series is dating irl (maybe bc again I’m not sure either) I’m just looking forward to s3 ^^ !!

          1. I’m looking forward to s3 too!
            but I just find it hard to believe Sam is straight anyway. Who knows what stories are real and what stories are made up by their agents, the tabloids, rumours….
            I think Sam was upset during the interview because they were bringing up private matters, private life and it was out of order to ask about partners when they’re there to promote their series.
            What YU said was “I’m here” when the journalist kept asking “where’s your gf”
            YU is so great! I think he said it twice.

          2. I think this is same interview wherein YU joked they are together (him and Sam) and Sam reacted negatively to YU saying don’t say stuff like that. Sam do send mixed signals. Both him and Joyce still follow each other in social media. I think in the process of the doing the BL drama, Sam had a rude awakening that confused him causing him to be hot and cold towards YU during early promotions. Fate played with him and gave him YU as his CP. now that the promotion ended, both his and YU’s agency are trying hard to get away from the CP image: deleting YU’s IG video live streams, Sam repeating over and over again during live he is a man, a manly man, using jewelry fit for a masculine man etc. they even stopped liking each other’s posts. YU’s manager even got into a disagreement with Sam Lin, causing Sam to unfollow her. It’s a mess right now. YU’s bday is coming up…they are so close and nothing but friendship so there shouldn’t be any reason for Sam not to greet YU right? Let’s wait if he will.

          3. wow… I didn’t know about the disagreement between YU’s manager and Sam Lin. Nor about the deleting of the rather revealing live streams…. But I got a strong feeling they were working hard to “un-couple” themselves publicly at least.

            I also feel Sam got a shock from all the CP idolising/promotion. If he’s gay, as I think he may well be, that’s putting the spotlight on a very private side of his life.

            He’s been looking very uncomfortable. The WBL “on holiday” just feels forced and uncomfortable.
            I guess all these guys want a career in films, great roles etc. and they don’t want to be pigeonholed or labelled anything in the long term. But the back-pedalling has been a little cringe.

            Plus the transformation from an energetic, round cheeked, at ease, smiling guy to a skinny elf/waif slightly haunted-looking androgyne is a little worrying. I mean Sam of course. He looks drained.

            Who knows what their managers have been hammering into them… but it’s not making Sam very jolly.

        2. Looks like I am not the only person who has hard time believing Zihong is straight. I feel like they are over during March or April this year. But who knows 🙁

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