Zhang Heng Will Continue to Appeal Verdict to Repay Back 20 Million RMB to Zheng Shuang and Says He Will Expose the Entire Truth

Zheng Shuang Allegedly Listed as the Mother of Her Ex-Boyfriend Zhang Heng's Two Children on Birth Certificate

On March 31, Zhang Heng’s appeal to the civil suit brought on by Zheng Shuang was dismissed. After their split in November 2019, Zheng Shuang sued Zhang Heng to repay back the 20 million RMB loan, including interest, she lent him. She won the case, but Zhang Heng filed an appeal to have the judgment overturned or ask for a retrial. A judge dismissed Zhang Heng’s appeal on March 31 and upheld the original judgment for him to repay back Zheng Shuang.

On April 1, Zhang Heng spoke about losing his appeal. He laid out three points. First, he emphasized that he never borrowed money from Zheng Shuang. He said he was negligent in not signing any contracts with his “ex”, but he said he will continue to appeal to the higher courts to protect his legal rights. He said losing the lawsuit and having to repay 20 million to Zheng Shuang was considered “a lesson” for him and explained, “I’ll consider the money I spent on your family as paying the price for my feelings and ignorance. I will bring out all the evidence from what happened since April 18, 2018 , sort it one by one, and release the entire audio recording you all want to hear. Let everyone know the truth about all of this!”

Secondly, Zhang Heng claims the Shanghai No.2 Intermediate People’s Court ignored the first judgment’s violations and distorted the content from his lawyer’s appeal. He claims there were many violations in the due process of this case. He expressed his complete dissatisfaction and will report these violations to the relevant department. Zhang Heng says this lawsuit was never about money, it was about restoring the facts. He said he never borrowed money so he will continue to appeal.

Lastly, Zhang Heng said the verdict stated he instigated Zheng Shuang to evade paying taxes, but she chose to reject his idea at the end. Zhang Heng claims he never instigated Zheng Shuang to use “ying yang contracts” to evade taxes. He says he wasn’t Zheng Shuang’s agent yet when she accepted those films. He claims Zheng Shuang and her family were able to evade taxes on behalf of their company by using “ying yang contracts” through a few other companies. He also blames the court for not properly cross examining the evidence based on the proper procedure. Zhang Heng once again emphasizes that he didn’t instigate Zheng Shuang to use “ying yang contracts” to evade taxes and says, “I am already forced into the corner by you guys using all kinds of means so I have nothing to fear anymore. I can only announce the truth and get my innocence back.”

Zhang Heng also showed several documents to support his claims.

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  1. On November 17, 2018, before Zheng Shuang lent Zhang Heng 20 million interest free loans, Zhang Heng promised that he could even afford to borrow 70 million yuan. The next day, Zheng Shuang remitted 20 million yuan to Zhang Heng, remarks “loan” were noted in the remittance slip. Zhang Heng doesn’t want to return the money. He claims that the 20 million yuan is his salary . Very shameless, completely ignored before he fell in love with Zheng Shuang, his salary was only 200000 a year

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