“CHUANG 2021”: Third Official Ranking and Final Elimination

CHUANG 2021- Third Official Ranking and Final Elimination

“CHUANG 2021” (创造营) held its third official ranking and final elimination on April 17 before the finale on April 24. This final round eliminated 33 trainees to 25. The night before the elimination, the 35 trainees had a pajama party to relax and watch the messages from their family and childhood pictures. There was also an event where trainees gave presents to the friends they made on the island. They also celebrated Caelan’s 20th birthday with cake.

For the third elimination, things were done a bit differently. The trainees will first find out from an envelope whether they got promoted or not. They were also given an option to check their results with a friend. However, if they choose a friend to go up with them, they have to read out each other’s results. This was quite cruel as it was their own friend revealing their elimination. The trainees that made it to the next round go on the boss while the eliminated trainees stay behind.

Third Ranking:

  1. Liu Yu
  2. Santa
  3. Mika
  4. Rikimaru
  5. Patrick
  6. Caelan
  7. Nine
  8. Zhou Keyu
  9. Lin Mo
  10. Lelush
  11. Zhang Jiayuan
  12. Bo Yuan
  13. AK
  14. Hiroto
  15. Gan Wangxing
  16. Zhang Xingte
  17. Oscar
  18. Xue Bayi
  19. Wu Yuheng
  20. Zhang Xinyao
  21. Fu Sichao
  22. Ren Yinpeng
  23. Yu Gengyin
  24. Amu
  25. Hu Yetao

Eliminated trainees:

26. Jing Long
27. Zeng Hanjiang
28. Xie Yingyang
29. Wu Hai
30. He Yifan
31. Wei Ziyue
32. Zhang Teng
33. Rong Yao

The most painful speech might have been Wu Hai’s after finding out he didn’t make it to the next round. He thanked Rikimaru and Santa for showing him areas he could improve on. He also joked that had they not joined the competition this year, he might’ve been the best dancer on the show. Wu Hai also told Wu Yuheng that not only did he want to complete the solo performance, but he wanted to spend the last two weeks with everyone.

There were some more upbeat speeches from those who might’ve expected to be eliminated, such as Wei Ziyue, Jing Long, and Xie Yingyang, who said his path as a trainee is over, but his journey as an actor is just beginning.

The trainees ranked from 12th to 25th were announced by the mentors. The top 11 trainees find out their rankings by parasailing. If they ascended in rank, they get to fly high. This all happened while the rest of the trainees waited for them to come back from parasailing.

As for the fourth and final round of voting, the results of each trainee is reset to zero. Everyone starts from scratch. The remaining 25 trainees will be separated into 3 groups: “Be Mine”, “Definition, and “We Are the Youth, We Are the Future”. There will won’t be one center as everyone will take turns to be the center.