Joe Chen’s Team Denies Director’s Claims She is Getting Married with Boyfriend, Alan Chen

Joe Chen's Team Denies Director's Claims She is Getting Married with Boyfriend, Alan Chen

Joe Chen (陳喬恩) and her boyfriend, Alan Chen (曾伟昌), celebrated their one year anniversary together last September. Since they decided to continue their relationship after “Meeting Mr. Right 2”, the variety show where they met ended, there have been many skepticisms about their relationship, especially about Alan Chen’s background. Despite the initial disprovals and the pandemic, the couple are still going strong as evidenced by Joe Chen’s pregnancy rumors on a few occasions.

Since the pandemic, Joe Chen and Alan Chen have been reunited and spending a lot of time together. A director from Hunan TV’s program division, Wu Mengzhi, said they were going to be doing season 4 of “Meeting Mr. Right” at a recent sales conference. She also expressed, “The love reality shows we make are real. Just like Joe Chen who is going to be married.”

Because of the director’s words, the media treated her revelation of Joe Chen getting married to be true. ETtoday reached out to Joe Chen’s team to confirm the news. Her staff member said, “Never head of this plan before.”, shutting down the rumors she is getting married.

Credit: ETtoday, Joe Chen IG