Marcus Chang Denies Rumors He Cheated on College Student and Had Unprotected Sex

Taiwanese actor, Marcus Chang (張立昂), was involved in rumors on May that accused him of cheating on a female college student and having unprotected sex. According to Taiwanese media, a female college student claims he cheated on her with another female artist. She says he was “interacting” with both women at the same time and alleged he didn’t like to wear a condom during sex.

The female college student revealed to the media that she and Marcus Chang started flirting with each other last November and progressed to having heart to heart chats at the end of December. She also praised Marcus Chang for being skilled in bed. However, she said Marcus Chang kept the relationship very private and would often be missing. They often quarreled, which led to their break up.

Marcus Chang’s management company denied the rumors, explaining, “When Marcus and the female college student met, he was single. He once had feelings for the other person and also thought they could get to know each other better. However, he feels regret on how things developed to the current situation. There are many falsities in the other party’s remarks. The company has already discussed it with lawyers and won’t rule out taking legal action.”

On May 6, Marcus Chang personally responded to the rumors through IG story. He said, “Regarding this time’s reports, whether it was towards me, my family, or the people who support, it has had a big impact. However, regarding suspicions about cheating or health concerns, I still want to personally clarify, there were no complicated socializing with friends, maybe only made the wrong friends. In fact, I have always been healthy. A semi-annual health check up is also normal. Lastly, I am very sorry for making everyone worry.”

Credit: MirrorMedia, ETtoday, Marcus Chang IG

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