Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul Reminisces the Fried Rice Han Geng Used to Cook for Him

Super Junior's Kim Hee-chul Reminisces the Fried Rice Han Geng Used to Cook for Him

On May 9, Super Junior member, Kim Hee-chul, was on a live stream where artists were cooking. Kim Hee-chul was cued by one of the guests to cook. While he was cooking fried rice, Kim Hee-chul mentioned Han Geng (韩庚) used to cook fried rice for him often: “I kinda know how to cook this because I used to live with a Chinese friend, Han Kyungie (Han Geng). Han Kyungie is a Chinese friend. He would often cook this for me.”

Han Geng and Kim Hee-chul used to live in the same dorms during the early Super Junior days. The two were very close and known for their friendship among fans. Kim Hee-chul continued saying, “Wow~ This makes me thing of the Beijing fried rice back then. Adding this makes it Beijing fried rice. It’s really good. Tomato and fried egg. Just thinking about this back then, I would often eat this around my 20s…”

This clip started trending on Weibo on May 10. After this clip was trending, hashtag, “GengChe” (庚澈), which is the Chinese ship name for Han Geng and Kim Hee-chul, also started trending on Weibo. The “Che” (澈) in “GengChe” is from Kim Hee-chul’s Chinese name, Jin Xiche (金希澈). Many fans reminisced about being able to see their “GengChe” ship in action in 2021.

The last time the two reunited was back in 2019 at the COSMO Glam Night event in Shanghai.

Credit: Sohu, Weibo (1, 2)