Angelababy’s Staff Member Denies His Comments were Shading “Keep Running”

Angelababy's Staff Member Denies His Comments were Shading "Keep Running"

Angelababy (杨颖) is one of the remaining three original cast members that has been on all nine seasons of “Keep Running” (奔跑吧). There have been rumors circulating recently that Angelababy was leaving the show. Angelababy’s staff member had also posted something on May 23 that many netizens suspected was a dig at “Keep Running”.

On May 23, Angelababy’s staff member, Qin Chuanxi (秦川玺), made a post, saying, “Why do all these so-called S-level exciting variety shows become B-level and hard to watch after they air? Because S and B are the official pairing.” It’s uncertain what he meant by “S and B”, but “SB” is a commonly used abbreviation for a Chinese profanity.

Netizens suspected he was talking about “Keep Running” as the latest episode just aired and there was debate about Song Yuqi hitting Angelababy with a pillow during a game and seemed to have spit towards her direction. This scene had stirred up discussions among netizens and led to Angelababy fans saying Song Yuqi was disrespectful to her senior, while Song Yuqi’s fans said Angelababy couldn’t handle the dramatic effects of the show. Because of this, Angelababy and Song Yuqi were trending on May 25.

The saga continued when a director from “Keep Running”, deleted all his Weibo posts and just left one from May 24 where he wrote, “It’s a shame…”, leading netizens to speculate about discord between Angelababy and the show. To stop the rumors from brewing, Qin Chuanxi posted on May 25, saying, “I already deleted the previous Weibo post talking about variety shows. The content wasn’t even related to Keep Running. The show’s director and I do not follow each other on Weibo. So it’s actually two separate events that happened in different times and parallel space that were forced to be tied together and speculation from association. So I kindly ask everyone to stop trying so hard to find an intersection for these two parallel lines. This intersection will never exist.”

Credit: Weibo (1, 2)

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