Ali Lee Hints She’s Single, Denies Being Pursued By Wealthy Businessman

After years of being together, rumors started circulating Ali Lee (李佳芯) and boyfriend, Danny Chan (陳炳銓), had split up earlier this year. Ali Lee didn’t directly say they broke up, but she was spotted moving out of their home a few months ago. Back in March, Ali Lee said their relationship has always been the same and said they have “always been friends”.

There were also recent rumors that a wealthy businessman in his 40s was pursuing Ali Lee. However, when she appeared at a live stream charity event for TVB on May 30, Ali Lee expressed the wealthy man was just a business partner and hinted that she was currently single.

In interviews with the media, Ali Lee explained that the company had a man made snow machine and the businessman was trying it out in front of her. She also clarified that every time they meet, it’s at the office and she has never been to his home. She didn’t think it would lead to such misunderstandings and that she separates her love life and career very clearly. Ali Lee says that she does have suitors pursuing her now, but also says that it’s not easy to be invested in a new relationship and requires time.

Credit: hk01, Ali Lee IG

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