Studios of Former “Produce 101 China” Trainee, Li Zixuan, and Yi An Musical’s Zhou Yiran Deny Dating Rumors

Former “Produce 101 China” trainee, Li Zixuan (李子璇), was caught up in dating rumors recently when paparazzis spotted her with a male companion going home together. On May 30, paparazzi leaked a video of Li Zixuan (周翊然) dining with a male friend and walking home together. Dating rumors started circulating between Li Zixuan and this man.

Li Zixuan’s studio issued a statement on May 30 that Li Zixuan was currently single. Shortly after, netizens identified the male companion to be Yi An Musical’s Zhou Yiran based on his clothing. Zhou Yiran’s studio also issued a statement stating Zhou Yiran is single at the moment. However, they did admit that Zhou Yiran was the male companion in the dating rumors with Li Zixuan. They explained, “That day, he was eating with a friend from the same neighborhood. After sending off the friend, he left.” They also apologized for Zhou Yiran smoking.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)