Kris Wu Seemingly Responds to Latest Dating Rumors with a College Student and an Internet Celebrity

Kris Wu Seemingly Responds to Latest Dating Rumors with a College Student and an Internet Celebrity

Kris Wu (吴亦凡) was involved in dating rumors on May 28 when someone claimed he had rented out a movie theater for a date with a female companion. A netizen shared CCTV footage of Kris Wu with a female companion walking in and out of a movie theater. Kris Wu’s studio later issued a statement saying they had enlisted the help of a Beijing law firm to take legal action against the movie theater and the rumors starter for infringing on his privacy and maliciously editing the video, which led to netizens forming negative opinions on him and affecting his reputation. The legal statement also stated Kris Wu and his friends were entering the theater one by one, debunking the rumors that he was on a date with a female companion.

Female companion that was rumored with Kris Wu at the movie theater, Chen Ziyi aka “Xiao Yi Classmate”

However, on June 2, new dating rumors surfaced between Kris Wu and an 18 year old college student, Du Meizhu (都美竹), who turns 19 in November. A netizen claiming to be Du Meizhu’s friend posted alleged screenshots of conversations between Kris Wu and Du Meizhu. The friend alleged that Kris Wu and Du Meizhu once dated before and only told her about it as she was afraid of affecting his career. She shared that they were dating normally until “Kris Wu suddenly disappeared in April. After being emotionally abused, Dudu was depressed for a very long time…she had no mood to go to school.”

Shortly after, an internet celebrity by the name of Xiang Yunjie (象韵洁) made a post in response to her dating rumors with Kris Wu that also started circulating. Xiang Yunjie said, “I still decided to come out and say a few words. Him and I indeed got to know each other and interacted before because of feelings for each other. However, it’s definitely not that type of unbearable relationship that some netizens are saying. In my eyes, he is just a big boy that is purely yearning for love. There is no right or wrong in relationships. Hope everyone is well.”, and tagged Kris Wu.

Du Meizhu posted on June 3 clarifying some ongoing rumors with her and a male classmate. She also clarified that she and her friends shared the screenshots are not doing this for clout. Du Meizhu explained after finding out about Kris Wu and “Xiao Yi Classmate”, who allegedly was the female companion watching a movie with him, she realized she was being cheated on. She explained her friends couldn’t stand by without doing anything and was only trying to defend her. Du Meizhu also said she never thought about working in tv and film after this incident got everyone’s attention. She only hopes to continue with her studies in the next few years and have a normal dating life like other girls.

Du Meizhu

Kris Wu’s studio reposted a legal notice issued by a Beijing law firm on June 3 regarding the recent rumors. They expressed, “Recently, there have been many users posting severely inaccurate comments. There are also people with ulterior motives and even maliciously PS (photoshopped) related screenshots of chat records to mislead the public and intentionally obscure the facts, defame Mr. Wu Yifan, and bring about extremely bad effects.”

Hours later, Kris Wu also seemingly responded to the dating rumors. He wrote, “No snowflake is innocent. Hu (Flopped) Fan once again entertained everyone the entire day. Hope you guys got all you wanted. If you come again, can you bring my song? Thanks, the link is here.”

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  1. Geez, can’t believe he’s out here dating girls waaaaay out of his league age-wise. He needs help.

  2. OMG people are truly gullible. You still believe he didn’t date any of them, girls just made things up to ruin his innocent life? Well, in that case, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell to you.

  3. Come on man, that’s a bit too young isn’t it? Wonder if Wu Yi Fan is a fan of Di Caprio.

    1. he didnt date anyone of them ,those girls made up rumours to made it seem like he did

  4. What’s the big deal of he’s dating multiple people? He’s young and single. It’s not like he’s engaged or married.

    1. He likes young girls, turning 18 recently and he is a 30yo man. When the grooming began? When they were 17? That’s not normal.

      1. he never dated any one of them ,they made fake rumours and they later apologised for it ,those girls were paid to do so

    2. If you have no moral standards then there’s nothing wrong. It says a lot about your character but everyone has the right to support trash or not.

      1. he never dated those girls themsevles later apologised because they made up fake rumours and fake chats to ruin his new song

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