Ruco Chan Drums Up Storyline for Possible Sequel to “Sinister Beings”

Ruco Chan Drums Up Storyline for Possible Sequel to "Sinister Beings" IG_06.12.21

It was the grand finale on June 11 for TVB’s hit series, “Sinister Beings” (逆天奇案). It’s Ruco Chan’s (陳展鵬) first series to air in three years and it was worth the wait. The series achieved average ratings of 28 points, which is no small feat for TVB nowadays. The ending left room for more to be told in the romantic love lines between Ruco Chan’s “Sam”, girlfriend, “Wing”, played by Rosina Lam (林夏薇), and hacker “Ana”, played by Crystal Fung (馮盈盈).

One of the talking points of the series was the bed scene between Ruco Chan and Crystal Fung. When asked about it, Crystal Fung revealed, “Honestly speaking, it was filmed quite beautifully. In fact, there weren’t that many action or explicit scenes. So the whole scene was filmed quite artistically.” Crystal Fung revealed she and Ruco Chan talked about this scene with the producer for half a month.

Even though Rosina Lam is the female lead of the series, it sometimes seemed like she was relegated to a supporting character. However, she gained the audience’s favor during the scene where she exposes “Sam’s” drunken tryst with “Ana”. Rosina Lam gained a number of Weibo followers and got her account blue V verified. When asked if she was betrayed in real life like “Wing”, Rosina Lam said, “No, if it did, I would beat him to death.”

As for plans for a sequel, Ruco Chan revealed TVB executive, Eric Tsang, has asked the producer to do a sequel. Ruco Chan gave some ideas for the storyline in the sequel, “Can say that Crystal is pregnant with my child, but didn’t tell me. She comes back a few years later. Jonathan Cheung Wing Hong comes back to get revenge against me.” Rosina Lam actually wants to try playing a villain in the sequel.

Credit: hk01,, Rosina Lam IG