“Youth With You’s” Yao Chi Wants to Introduce “Youth With You 3’s” Chang Huasen and “CHUANG 2021’s” Wu Yuheng to be Friends

Chinese artist, Yao Chi (姚弛), is quite the social butterfly among the survival show social circle. Yao Chi himself is no stranger to survival shows. In 2018, he participated in “The Coming One 2” and came in 12th place on “Youth With You” in 2019. As it turns out, Yao Chi is actually friends with a lot of former trainees from this year’s survival show season.

Yao Chi

On Yao Chi’s livestream on June 17, he actually went live with former “Youth With You 3” trainee, Chang Huasen (常华森). How did these two end up being friends? Yao Chi explained he is friends with a lot of Qin’s Entertainment trainees, including Merman Feng Chen Sinan (冯陈思楠), who competed on “Youth With You 3”. Yao Chi once told Merman that he wanted to get to know Chang Huasen, who also competed on “Youth With You 3”. Merman introduced them and Yao Chi even invited Chang Huasen to his home to watch a movie.

Chang Huasen and Yao Chi were also rumored to be casted in the highly anticipated live action drama adaptation of “Heaven Official’s Blessing”. However, Yao Chi’s studio had denied he had signed up for any costume drama lately.

Sometime during the live, Chang Huasen also asked if “CHUANG 2021” trainee, Wu Yuheng (吴宇恒), had entered the live. Yao Chi explained it’s just the comments section mentioning Wu Yuheng. However, Yao Chi added, “A lot of people actually want me to introduce you two.” Chang Huasen responded, “I see a lot of people putting our names together. I need to search for it later.” Yao Chi then checks to see what Wu Yuheng is doing to see if he can go on the live. Chang Huasen responds, “Eh, the three of us together?” Yao Chi asks, “Do you want to, want to, want to meet him? I think you guys would become good friends because the both of you are really cute.” Chang Huasen responds, “I am not cute. I am not cute.” Yao Chi then mentions the three of them can come out and have fun when they have time or go to his home to watch movies or go eat.” Chang Huasen said, “Okay, got it!”.

Afterwards, Wu Yuheng left a comment on Yao Chi’s live saying, “I missed out! Hai (sigh).” Yao Chi responded, “Let’s go eat later on.”

Yao Chi and Wu Yuheng met while competing on “The Coming One 2”. They later collaborated together in the series, “Out of the Dream”. When Wu Yuheng did his first live after “CHUANG 2021”, he also got Yao Chi on his live for a short moment.

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