Du Meizhu Claims “Kris Wu’s Side Has No Evidence, I Have the Evidence Now” in Interview with Tencent Entertainment

Du Meizhu (都美竹) hasn’t backed down from her fight to expose Kris Wu (吴亦凡) and his studio for allegedly preying on underaged girls under the guise of professional collaborations ever since she made the accusations on July 8. After Kris Wu and his studio issued a statement that they would be filing a police report and suing Du Meizhu, on July 9, she said she was preparing to go to the police with other victims that had similar experiences and submit all the evidence to them. On July 10, Tencent Entertainment’s “Front Line” (一线) released an exclusive interview with Du Meizhu on Kris Wu, the backlash she has received from making those allegations, and what she expects to come out of this.

In the interview, Du Meizhu divulged that she has been receiving many death threats from Kris Wu’s fans all over social media and threats from the legal notice. She claims they have been telling her to “go die”, said her depression is fake, doxxed her, and even fabricated rumors to smear her. Many netizens have also accused Du Meizhu of trying to gain clout, which she denies and explains she opened up all those social media accounts to spread awareness about the topic. She mentioned on her live that she didn’t want people sending her gifts and that she wasn’t going to be talking about the incident.

There are also claims from netizens that she doesn’t have real video evidence and that the pictures are photoshopped. Du Meizhu responded, “There is evidence that hasn’t been revealed yet, but there is no need to expose these because whatever I expose, fans won’t believe it. They’ll say the photos are photoshopped, the faces were switched with AI technology in the videos. I don’t think there is a need to waste time with them.”

Tencent then asked Du Meizhu whether Kris Wu is always especially “cautious” each time. Du Meizhu responded, “They will collect the cell phones at his drinking parties not allowing any filming or photo taking. When I am lying on the bed with him, he would also take away my cell phone.”

Du Meizhu said there were other victims who suffered from similar experiences that reached out to her after she made those allegations. They reportedly provided her with more evidence and said they would be happy to cooperate if needed. Du Meizhu has repeatedly said she isn’t doing this to gain exposure or clout, so what outcome is she looking for? An apology. However, Du Meizhu said Kris Wu’s team hasn’t communicated with her, apologized, nor has she been served with the papers for a lawsuit that Kris Wu’s legal team claimed they would be initiating.

When asked if Du Meizhu is afraid about Kris Wu’s legal team saying they had already gathered all the evidence, she said, “They don’t have evidence. They’re just doing it for show. I have all the evidence now.” As for whether she filed a police report already, Du Meizhu said, “I went to ask a police officer about this situation yesterday. They said the evidence needs to be organized and think further about what grounds to be used to report the case. Is it to sue them for fraud or sexual assault?” Du Meizhu also said she won’t back down unless he repents and apologizes.

Du Meizhu also described her experience and Kris Wu’s alleged grooming tactics: “He would use the same excuses — selecting female leads for music videos and signing new artists to cheat girls to come out. Afterwards, work is not discussed and they are directly brought to his drinking parties, forcing girls to be drunk, and then sexual intercourse happens. This is considered fraudulent behavior because it people lose consciousness after they are drunk. I was deceived by him and got drunk. Afterwards, he said he would take responsibility for me and be with me. And then this is what’s happening right now, pretending that we don’t know each other, like I am a stranger and trying to gain clout out of nowhere.”

Du Meizhu also revealed she trusted him because he would shower her with gifts, pick her up and drive her, talk everyday and share his daily life, and send her selfies. He would also tell her that aside from work, he would stay home and play video games.”

Credit: QQ, Weibo (1, 2)

5 thoughts on “Du Meizhu Claims “Kris Wu’s Side Has No Evidence, I Have the Evidence Now” in Interview with Tencent Entertainment

  1. I really hope that she wins and the other girls too but some of them were probably using him for clout but doesn’t mean that there was real victims! anyways I find it weird that Tencent interviewed her when he has a drama coming up with them.

  2. Not siding any party but recently a lot of girls playing victims preying on superstars n then turn around saying that it was all lies. So I’m just reading this with a pinch of salt.

    She is his ex and she knows his appetite for girls. Knowing what he likes yet she still willing to be his girlfriend then. Now that he ditch her, she denounced him publicly for his preferences in honour of justice n to warn public? Sound so honourable? Not really. Why now? Why not before becoming his girlfriend? Erhmmm…. Will she be doing this if she is still his girlfriend?

    She is an influencer so that means she is not some naive chick from the village.
    In any relationship whether it is for love or for money or for conveniences or for benefits, it is done with both parties willingly. Just how much is the truth from both sides? Each side has their own personal gain in this whole affair.

  3. Where there is smoke, there is fire. I hope she and all other victims wins the lawsuit.

  4. Hopefully she comes through… fighting against a powerful, influential person who is also a MAN… she’s brave.

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