Xiao Zhan’s Team Denies Rumors He is Secretly Married with a Child

Xiao Zhan's Team Denies Rumors He is Married with a Child

It must’ve been a slow news day as rumors were circulating that Xiao Zhan (肖战) was secretly married with a child and dating his manager, Zhang Jing (张晶). On July 26, Xiao Zhan’s defense team, “Xiao Zhan Anti-Counterfeit Squad” (lit. 肖战打假小队), denied two rumors that were circulating.

For the first rumor with his manager, Xiao Zhan’s team said, “Artist dating? Fake!”. As for the second rumor, it shows a netizen had shared a picture of Xiao Zhan holding a baby. The netizen included a caption, “Xiao Zhan already has a child?” The team responded, “Artist secretly married with a child? Fake! (The child the artist is holding is his classmate’s. Spreading leaked private photos, shameful!”

The “Anti-Counterfeit Squad” also left in the comments that the staff member who made a mistake with Xiao Zhan’s donation to the Zheng Zhou Red Cross flood relief was already relieved of their duties and completed the handover work. They also apologized to Xiao Zhan and fans for the “low-level mistake” that may have brought adverse effects to the artist. They said the studio would be more detailed in the future.

Back on July 21, Xiao Zhan’s studio uploaded their receipt of a 1,000,000 RMB donation to the Zhengzhou flood relief. However, they receipt showed it was incorrectly made to the “Zhengzhou Red Cross” instead of “Zhengzhou City Red Cross”. This mistake led to netizens think the donation was fake and wasn’t made to the official account. Afterwards, the studio uploaded the corrected transfer receipt and confirmed the bank had already transferred the money to the right account.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)