Sun Rui Crowned First Place at the SNH48 8th General Election for Second Consecutive Year

SNH48 held its 8th General Election on August 7. Team SII member, Sun Rui (孙芮), was crowned in first place for a second consecutive year with 3,123,409 votes. Sun Rui gradually rose in rank since the 4th election — from 18 to 17 to 13, and then first place for the 7th and 8th elections.

Sun Rui also announced the establishment of her own work studio at the elections. In her speech, Sun Rui said, “The summer of SNH48’s Sun Rui has ended. The summer belonging to Sun Rui has just begun. Sun Rui’s work studio, Lei Ting Studio, take off!”

Top 10:

1. Sun Rui 3,123,409 votes
2. Yuan Yiqi 2603049 votes
3. Shen Mengyao 2457570 votes
4. Song Xinran 2136261 votes
5. Duan Yixuan 1711427 votes
6. Eliwa Xu 1616922 votes
7. Yang Bingyi 1476698 votes
8. Wang Xiaojia 1402163 votes
9. Wang Yi 1347924 votes
10. Zuo Jingyuan 1321643 votes

Credit: Weibo (1), SNH48

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