12 Miss Hong Kong 2021 Contestants Advance to the Finals

12 Miss Hong Kong 2021 Contestants Advance to the Finals

The Miss Hong Kong 2021 Pageant semi-finals was conducted on August 22. Out of the 20 Miss Hong Kong 2021 finalists, 12 advanced to the finals, which will be held live on September 12.

The following contestants advanced to the finals:

2. Rachel Chan (陳懿德)
3.Yvette Chan (陳聖瑜)
4.Fabienne Kwan (關楓馨)
8.Sabrina Mendes (宋宛穎)
10.Penny Yeung (楊培琳)
12.Michelle Ip (葉靖儀)
13.Cathy Wong (王嘉慧)
14.Kristy Shaw (邵初)
15.Carina Leung (梁凱晴)
18.Vincy Mok (莫韻諰)
19.Jasmin Schneider (施茉莉)
20.Katerina Leung (梁菁琳)

Contestant #1,Chloe Leung (梁允瑜), was known in the press for being the “foul-mouthed Miss Hong Kong” when an old clip of her cursing out an ex-boyfriend went viral during the audition rounds. As for not making it to the finals, Chloe Leung expressed she didn’t think she wouldn’t make it pass the first round. On where she thought she lost out on, she said, “I lost out on too much negative press and speaking out too much. I thought my performance was in a good state tonight, shouldn’t have been eliminated.” Chloe Leung doesn’t think the system was unfair “just thought that this competition system doesn’t suit me.” She has accepted the results and plans on getting her Masters in Nursing.

Number 3, Yvette Chan, is this year’s hot favorite to win and continued to shine with her belly dancing performance.

Number 4, Fabienne Kwan, is TVB actor, Eddie Kwan’s daughter. Eddie Kwan joined Fabienne Kwan and her group in a piano recital at the semi-finals. Eddie Kwan responded to the chatter about Fabienne Kwan depending on him saying that she is actually smarter than him. As for him helping Fabienne Kwan rallying votes, Eddie Kwan said, “If it worked then I would’ve won Best Actor last year and not Vincent Wong. She is depending on herself and is good with her studies and also good at conversing. Eddie Kwan also said Fabienne Kwan isn’t a hot favorite so there is still pressure for her.

Number 8, Sabrina Mendes, impressed the judges and netizens with her sharp and witty responses during the Q&A session that has brought her to the limelight. Netizens have said she could be the new hot favorite to win.

Credit: hk.on.c (1, 2, 3), TVB