28 Miss Hong Kong 2021 Contestants Meet the Press

28 Miss Hong Kong 2021 Contestants Meet the Press

After interviewing over 200 candidates and going through 2 rounds of interviews, TVB has selected 28 candidates to compete in the Miss Hong Kong 2021 pageant (香港小姐2021), which will take place in September. On July 5, the 28 candidates met the press for the first time. Instead of traveling, the contestants will be doing a staycation and go into a “camp”. There will also be eliminations while the contestants are in the camp.

1. Yvette Chan (陳聖瑜), 26

Yvette Chan is said to be one of the hot favorite contestants this year. She works in retail planning for a French luxury goods brand and is also a Key Opinion Leader (KOL). Yvette Chan is friends with Miss Hong Kong 2018 winner, Hera Chan (陳曉華) as she knew he from her modelings days during her college days. She and her photographer boyfriend broke up recently, but didn’t reveal the reason for their break up.

2. Rachel Chan (陳懿德), 23

Rachel Chan is a college graduate of The Chinese University of Hong Kong and majored in Journalism and Communication. Her current occupation is teaching children.

3. Christie Chang (姜嘉琳), 24

Christie Chang graduated from NYU’s Tisch School of Arts with a BFA in Musical Theater. She previously competed in the 2018 Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant in New York. Christie Chang was originally from Hong Kong before moving to New York at 15.

4. Fiona Chen (陳詩帆), 21

Fiona Chen hails from Shenzhen and studied in Hong Kong. She currently works as a commercial performance and events coordinator and previously worked as an emcee for two years.

5. Michelle Cheung (張嘉倩), 21

Michelle Cheung hails from Toronto. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing this year from Ryerson University. Many netizens have said she bears a resemblance to actress, Linda Chung.

6. Kimberlie Chu (朱綽盈), 22

Kimberlie Chu graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a law degree from the Faculty of Law. She was the winner of the Miss Asia Pacific International 2018 pageant.

7. Fiona Dai (戴佳敏), 24

Fiona Dai hails from Nanjing, Jiangsu. She graduated from the Central Academy of Drama in 2014 studying Acting. She recently finished her master’s degree and is studying Cantonese.

8. Michelle Ip (葉靖儀), 23

Michelle Ip graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a degree in Marketing. She started out as a model and is in the same modeling company as Jessica Cambensy.

9. Fabienne Kwan (關楓馨), 26

Fabienne Kwan is TVB actor, Eddie Kwan’s, eldest daughter. She just completed her master’s degree this year and also started a business selling vegetarian cinnamon rolls. Fabienne Kwan felt this year was the time to join the pageant as she completed her studies and felt she has matured enough. She also has the support of Eddie Kwan to join the pageant and enter the industry.

10. Vivenna Lai (賴彥妤), 26

Vivenna Lai graduated from the Coventry University in the UK with a Master’s Degree in Law.

11. Brillian Lau (劉珍寶), 24

Brillian Lau graduated from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver with a degree in Biology.

12. Carina Leung (梁凱晴), 24

Carina Leung has a master’s degree. She quit her marketing job to join the pageant.

13. Katerina Leung (梁菁琳), 27

Katerina Leung is a vet. She graduated from The University of Sydney in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science and a Bachelor of Science (Veterinary).

14. Chloe Leung (梁允瑜), 24

Chloe Leung is currently a model. She made headlines when two old clips were circulating online of her cursing out an ex-boyfriend during her college days. Chloe Leung was heard saying, “Meeting you was the unluckiest thing ever in my life. I so f*cking regret being with you. F*ck your mother…” Chloe Leung admitted that it was her in the clips, but also explained it was her past and she has learned and grew from it.

15. Chloe Lo (盧淑儀), 26

Chloe Lo is a recent college graduate. She is listed as an artist in her Instagram bio. Her old Instagram pictures shows she has experience singing at commercial events.

16. Nicole Ma (馬嘉希), 20

Nicole Ma is currently studying at the University of Nottingham in the UK.

17. Joan Ma (馬祖雁), 23

Joan Ma graduated from the University of Cambridge in the UK with a degree in Business Administration.


18. Sabrina Mendes (宋宛穎), 22

Sabrina Mendes is of Chinese and Portuguese ancestry. She graduated from the University of Toronto this year with double majors in Biochemistry and Human Biology. Based on her Instagram bio, she is set to become a doctor soon.

19. Vincy Mok (莫韻諰), 23

Vincy Mok graduated from The University of Western Ontario in Canada with a degree in Chemistry.

20. Juliana Ng (伍韻婷), 27

Juliana Ng is currently working as a Financial Analyst and hails from Boston.

21. Jasmin Schneider (施茉莉), 18

Jasmin Schneider is German and Chinese. Her father works as an engineer for Shell Oil Company in Hong Kong and her mother is from Hong Kong. She has been living in Hong Kong for four years already. She can speak English, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Chinese/Cantonese, due to living all over the world.

22. Kristy Shaw (邵初), 27

Kristy Shaw works in business management. She is Chinese and Vietnamese.

23. Anna Wong (王嫿嫿), 25

Anna Wong has been living in Hong Kong for 8 months and is currently pursuing her master’s at Hong Kong Baptist University. She previously studied at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. She has also studied at the Beijing Film Academy before. However, she only knows Mandarin and is currently studying Cantonese. Anna Wong was also the second runner up in the 2015 Miss Chinese Montreal pageant.

24. Cathy Wong (王嘉慧), 24

Cathy Wong is currently studying to get her Juris Doctor degree at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is also a model and a certified personal trainer.

25. Penny Yeung (楊培琳), 19

Penny Yeung is studying Risk Management at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

26. Angel Yu (余曉蕙), 24

Angel Yu currently works as an assistant manager at a securities firm. She graduated from the University of Manchester in the UK with a degree in Psychology.

27. Trixie Yu (余詠童), 24

Trixie Yu graduated from the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design in Russia with a degree in Industrial Design.

28. Mona Zhao (趙美倫), 18

Mona Zhao is a student.

Credit: TVB