Several of Zheng Shuang’s Works, Including “Love O2O”, Have Been Taken Down on Chinese Platforms, Zheng Shuang’s Super Topic Shut Down on Weibo

Several of Zheng Shuang's Works, Including "Love O2O", Have Been Taken Down on Chinese Platforms, Zheng Shuang's Super Topic Shut Down on Weibo

The Chinese government’s “Cyberspace Administration of China” (CAC) have been cracking down on unhealthy behavior in fandom culture and celebrities that “lacked moral integrity and ethics” for the past year. There have been many scandals in the Chinese entertainment industry this year that have led to state organizations like the CAPA and the CTAA to call for celebrities with misdeeds and bad track records to be blacklisted from the industry.

On August 26, it was reported several of Zheng Shuang’s (郑爽) works were removed from Chinese streaming platforms. Some of the works include: “Love O2O” (微微一笑很倾城). “Swords of Legends” (古剑奇谭), “Rush to the Dead Summer” (夏至未至), “Love Weaves Through a Millennium” (相爱穿梭千年), and “River Flows to You” (流淌的美好时光). No search results are returned when searching for Zheng Shuang on iQIYI and Youku.

Aside from Zheng Shuang’s works, her super topic on Weibo has also been shut down. It was inevitable for this to happen since Zheng Shuang’s offense for using surrogacy is actually illegal in China. She is also being investigated on suspicion of tax evasion and fraud with yin yang contracts.

Hours earlier, Zheng Shuang’s ex-husband, Zhang Heng (张恒), was also suspended from posting on Weibo for violating Weibo’s Community Convention. Some netizens have speculated Zhang Heng was suspended from posting because of tendency to post provocative remarks that disrupted public opinion. Zhang Heng’s last post was from July 20, a letter he wrote to Zheng Shuang in response to her side of the story about surrogacy, tax evasion, and Zhang Heng.

Credit: Weibo (1, 2, 3)