Eddie Kwan Immediately Leaves After Daughter, Fabienne Kwan, Fails to Place in Miss Hong Kong 2021 Pageant

Since the Miss Hong Kong 2021 pageant started, Eddie Kwan’s (關禮傑) daughter, Fabienne Kwan, has been touted as a hot favorite by the media. Many have even said that Eddie Kwan’s rallying would help Fabienne Kwan’s chances and that she was dependent on it. Unfortunately, it was an upset as she only placed in the top 5 at the September 12 finale.

When the media interviewed Fabienne Kwan (關楓馨), she expressed that she wasn’t disappointed in not placing in the top 3 and was already very satisfied in making the top 5. She admitted that she wasn’t eloquent enough and stuttered during the Q&A session so she doesn’t have any qualms about losing. As for whether she felt Sabrina Mendes deserved to win, Fabienne Kwan said, “Yeah! She is really strong in many aspects, strong in dancing, smart in talking, pretty, and has a nice body. It’s really hard for her not to get the champion.”

As for Eddie Kwan leaving the scene immediately after the winners were announced, Fabienne Kwan said she wasn’t disappointed. She explained, “He won’t be disappointed in my performance. Everyone needs to leave! He is just returning home to prepare the celebration for me!” When asked if she wants to join the industry, Fabienne Kwan says she wants try it if there is an opportunity.

L to R: Eddie Kwan, Fabienne Kwan, Anna Kwan

As for the other hot favorite, Cathy Wong (王嘉慧), who was rumored to come from a rich family, said she wasn’t disappointed. Cathy Wong said her performance was not bad and was very happy to reach the top 5. As for where she might lost out, Cathy Wong said she was a bit nervous during her dance performance and only picked it up later on. On whether she plans to join the industry, Cathy Wong says she wants try being an actor or a host if there is an opportunity.

On the rumors that her father wasn’t too supportive about her joining the pageant and whether he would disapprove of her joining the industry, Cathy Wong said he didn’t show up at the scene. However, he was watching the finale at home and believes that he would support her and what she wants to do after watching her performance.

Credit: hk.on.cc, Fabienne Kwan IG, Eddie Kwan FB

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  1. I felt bad this year of 2021 Miss Hong Kong Winner
    Pageant shouldn’t place No. 8 for crown It’s was supposed to be No. 4 either than that decision I still feel bad and feel sorry for Fabienne Kwan didn’t win anything. Fabienne Kwan was very smart talented Pageant and beautiful lady of all twenty Con.

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