Ron Ng Denies Dating Rumors with Singer, Hana Kuk

Ron Ng (吳卓羲) was involved in dating rumors with singer, Hana Kuk (菊梓喬), when he tagged her on Weibo in the early hours of September 10. The post didn’t contain any other text. On September 11, Ron Ng attended the ribbon cutting ceremony of Oscar Leung’s watch store. He was asked by the media about whether they needed to congratulate him. Ron Ng responded, “Why congratulate me?” When he realized what had happened, he clarified it was just a misunderstanding and denied they were dating.

On why he made that post at 4 in the morning, Ron Ng said, “Because I was working and didn’t sleep yet.” As for why he tagged Hana Kuk, Ron Ng explains, “I’ve actually known her for a long time. I didn’t even remember adding her on Weibo. I thought tagging her was adding her.” Ron Ng explains netizens are thinking too much into it and says he has known Hana Kuk for a few years already. He has mutual friends with music producer, Tang Chi Wai, and saw Hana Kuk’s name while he was scrolling. So he added her and thought tagging her would be a way of telling her. He didn’t think everyone would have such a big reaction to it.

On whether there is room to develop further, Ron Ng refused to elaborate and said he won’t talk about relationship matters. He revealed that him and Hana Kuk did see the news and just talked about it for a bit. As for Hana Kuk, she said, “He said he won’t talk about relationship matters, so I won’t talk about it either. Everyone is focused on work. I saw his interview saying he is choosing girlfriends so I want to quickly help him clarify it.”

Hana Kuk also said, “If I am his girlfriend, then he wouldn’t be saying he is in the midst of choosing one.” However, she does admit that she has suitors, but won’t say whether Ron Ng is one of them. On whether she would consider Ron Ng if he pursued her, Hana Kuk said, “Everyone is thinking too much into it.”

Credit:, Hana Kuk IG, Weibo (1, 2)