Marco Ngai Reveals Reason for Break Up with Joyce Tang

Marco Ngai Looks Back on Relationship with Ex-Girlfriend, Joyce Tang

Former TVB actor, Marco Ngai (魏駿傑), has been in the headlines in the past couple of years more so for his personal life than his work. He recently did a radio interview and talked about the highs and lows in his life, including his divorce. He expressed, “Last year, it was an extremely hard year to pass. I had to go see a psychologist, divorce, lockdown. There was a period of a year and half I had zero income. I thought about suicide. I felt it was too sad. My daughter saved me because at the time, I remembered that she can’t be without me. I took my foot down. I can’t let my daughter know about this. I am very happy in front of her every day. If she found out, this would affect her forever.”

As for the divorce, Marco Ngai says he has fulfilled all his duties as a father. “I’ve never said who was right or wrong in the divorce. We’ve actually were happy before. The divorce was due to people changing. I changed too severely. I was only worried about taking care of our daughter and neglected her. I am a very boring husband. I am a 110 point father, 30 point husband.” However, he did mention that every Valentine’s Day, he would prepare a heart shaped steak with two lobsters on the side and gift flowers to her. Marco Ngai is also planning on publicly finding a partner where they can live together and not necessarily get married. When he mentioned it to his daughter in the past, her reaction was, “No, it can’t! You can only love me!”

Marco Ngai with his ex-wife and daughter

Marco Ngai met ex-girlfriend, Joyce Tang (滕麗名), while filming “Armed Reaction” (陀槍師姐). After dating for almost 10 years, the couple split in 2007. Marco Ngai touched upon their break up in the interview and revealed, “I was developing in the mainland, 30% was because of her and 70% was because I saw the development in the mainland. We dated for 9 years and had no plans to get married. At my father’s funeral, she attended it under the identity of the future daughter in law. I was very touched. However, later on, don’t know how we didn’t have feelings for each other anymore.”

Joyce Tang and her husband

In addition, Marco Ngai explained that being too invested into a role would hurt himself. He didn’t have plans to get married because “I was afraid I couldn’t tell the difference between reel and real. The other person thought it was an excuse. Of course I truly loved her or else we wouldn’t have dated 8-9 years. Everyone was looking forward to us becoming a pair, but I always wanted to be an ordinary person. Why must we be the golden couple? She was very popular, definitely more popular than me. The more she got popular, the more I wanted to avoid it. So I let go. I didn’t want to ruin her…”

Marco Ngai also said Joyce Tang was also a victim, “In reality, she really understood how to love me. It was me that wasn’t worthy of her. She is now Mrs. Chu. I am very happy! I am very happy seeing her happy.” As for why he wasn’t in “Armed Reaction 2021” (陀師姐2021), Marco Ngai revealed he wasn’t invited, but even if he were, he said, “Even if they did ask me, I wouldn’t go because just having Joyce Tang isn’t enough. You must have Bobby Au-yeung (歐陽震華) and Esther Kwan (關詠荷). So I don’t agree with this drama as being part of the ‘Armed Reaction’ series.”

He also revealed he has quite a few work opportunities in mainland, but is unwilling to part with his daughter who is studying in Hong Kong. Marco Ngai previously sold his big home and is now renting a smaller unit.