Marco Ngai’s Estranged Wife Reportedly Spotted Kissing Another Man

Former TVB actor, Marco Ngai (魏駿傑), married his Chinese wife, Zhang Lihua (張利華), who is 19 years his junior, in 2008 and had their daughter, Jessica, in 2010. Ever since they got married, there have been a lot of marital discord rumors. A Hong Kong tabloid magazine had recently snapped pictures of Zhang Lihua allegedly getting close with a foreigner banker. They were spotted eating together and even kissing in the taxi. On a separate day, Zhang Lihua was seen going to her foreigner friend’s home and staying over.

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When Marco Ngai was approached by reporters and saw the pictures of his wife with the foreigner, he expressed he didn’t know about the news and that he couldn’t reveal much. When asked if he had considered divorce, he just responded with a long Buddhist scripture. As it turns out, Marco Ngai had already posted something cryptic on his Facebook account on January 10, saying, “From now on, you and I can only depend on each other.” When reporters asked him about it, Marco Ngai said it wasn’t about his daughter or wife and that he was referring to his two dogs and two turtles.

Apple Daily HK reached out to Marco Ngai’s wife and asked about her relationship with her husband. She responded, “Sorry, Nothing to respond. It’s already being handled.” When reporters asked if she was referring to divorce, she responded, “You’ll know soon.” As for reporters mentioning she was cheating on Marco Ngai, she mentioned, “Whatever, I don’t depend on this industry to survive. Thanks for your concern. Everyone is doing their best for our child. Hope everyone gives us more space. Let go of us.”

Zhang Lihua had also revealed in the interview that she and Marco Ngai had already slept in separate beds 5 years ago. As they didn’t want their daughter growing up in a broken home, the both of them had a mutual understanding to peacefully resolve their marriage issues. They separated due to differences in personalities and that their fate is up. She also expressed gratitude to Marco Ngai for taking care of her and praised him for being a good man. She said they are still friends and admitted she had already moved out from their Sai Kung home. Their daughter lives with Marco Ngai and she visits her when she has time.

Credit:, Apple Daily