Gloria Tang Hasn’t Filmed in 10 Months Since Her First Lead Role in “Take Two”

Gloria Tang (鄧佩儀) joined TVB after winning first place at the Miss Chinese International Pageant 2013. After 9 years at the company, she finally got her first shot at being the female lead last year starring in the currently airing series, “Take Two” (換命真相).

However, there are reports that she hasn’t filmed anything in the last 10 months after wrapping up “Take Two”. There were rumors during filming that she was under a lot of pressure and constantly NG’ed. After 10 days of filming, she reportedly had an argument with co-star, Jonathan Cheung Wing Hong (張頴康). There were also reports saying she does her own make up as she didn’t want to use the company provided products and tools that are used for everyone, creating some friction between her and the staff members. It’s rumored the culmination of all these events, led to her not being used by producers and being “frozen”.

Regarding the reports about not having filmed in 10 months, Gloria Tang explained to the media, “It’s because I have some things to do in this past year, but I can’t say it right now…You can ask the staff members, we worked really well together. There was actually a producer who wanted to use me for his new series, but I have to go back to Canada to visit my family, so I couldn’t accept it.” Gloria Tang said she will be having an extended stay in Canada as she hasn’t seen her family in 4 years due to work commitments and the pandemic.

Credit:, Gloria Tang IG

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