“Come Home Love: Lo and Behold’s” Kiko Leung Leaves TVB and Shades Them for Offering Her No Base Pay in Contract Re-Negotiations

Former TVB actress, Kiko Leung (梁茵), is mostly known for her role as “Anita”, the secretary, in “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold” (愛‧回家之開心速遞). However, after Aaryn Cheung (張明偉), who played her love interest, “George”, left the series and TVB last month, her character was also affected and was also written off. Kiko Leung’s page on TVB’s website was also taken down, leading to speculation that she has left the company after 9 years of employment.

Kiko Leung recently accepted an interview with the media and confirmed her contract was already up this month and has left TVB. As for the reason leaving the company, Kiko Leung said the company told her she failed to meet the standards of her per show/salary in the past. In her new contract, they required her to make up the shows she missed without pay.

Due to these new contract stipulations, Kiko Leung had previously argued with a TVB employee. In addition to that, she didn’t want to be trampled going into contract negotiations each time. Kiko Leung decided to reject the new contract where she wouldn’t have a base salary. As for TVB’s claims about her not having enough shows, Kiko Leung said there were discrepancies with their system citing that her appearances on “Come Home Love” should’ve been enough. When she asked the company, they asked if she was questioning them. They reportedly told her flat out that her contract next year wouldn’t have a base salary and would only get one show per year.

Kiko Leung explained that even though the base salary is only a few thousand dollars HKD, but during her peak, she would have over 100 shows, so that income would be sustainable. However, she said in her 9 years working there, her salary would only ever decrease and not increase. When she expressed to TVB that she had financial difficulties, they reportedly told her that actors usually have to suffer through this.

On October 30, Kiko Leung continued shading TVB, saying, “The company has given me a lot of different characters to portray in the 9 years. I’ve been a brothel worker, gold digging Gong nui, a mistress, vase, and more. Really thankful to the company for giving me the chance to develop and to leave a deep impression with the viewers. Really can’t thank you enough.”

Credit: hk01, Kiko Leung IG