David Ye Yin from Wang Yibo’s “Yibo Wang Zha” Team Crowned “Street Dance of China 4” Champion Once Again

The “Street Dance of China 4” (这就是街舞4) finale was streamed live on October 30. The show was streamed for almost 12 hours starting at 2:30pm with a segment that featured the finalists as they prepared for the finale, the final episode of “Let’s Chat”, and then the grand finale started at 5:30 and didn’t end around 2:30am on October 31.

This year’s show featured many already well-established and international artists from like Acky-san, Hilty & Bosch, GoGo Brothers, Poppin C, and more, and the return of previous contestants such as Ye Yin, Han Yu, Bouboo, Keven Yang Kai, Qiao Zhi (George), Huang Xiao, Li Chunlin, Xiao Jie, and more.

The captains for this season saw the return of Han Geng, Lay Zhang, and Wang Yibo and the new addition of Henry Lau.

The following contestants from each captain’s team made it to the finale:

Hangeng’s team: Eleven, Acky-san (Japan), and Ibuki (Japan)

Henry Lau’s team: Rochka (France), Mr. Three (San’er), and Li Chunlin

Wang Yibo’s team: David Ye Yin, Keven Yang Kai, Bouboo (France), and Hilty & Bosch (Japan)

Lay Zhang’s team: Qiao Zhi (George), Huang Xiao, Poppin C (Switzerland), and GoGo Brothers (Japan)

Acky-san was actually eliminated in episode 11, but was revived in the repechage episode.

Aside from the captain’s solo dances, YOUKU invited special guests to perform such as, Ding Zeren, Han Yu, Wang Chenyi, Vanness Wu, Jackson Wang and PANTHEPACK, and Jason Fu Feilong. Actor, Huang Bo, who was a special guest from last year’s show, returned for the finale.

Each finalist had a solo performance and gained votes by having the 164 judges, which included reporters and media personnel, throw their towels on stage. The top 8 finalists would make it the battle round. As the latter finalists battled, they would go against the lowest ranked finalist.

The final 8 contestants were:

Ye Yin: 162
Yang Kai: 160
Ibuki: 154
Hilty & Bosch: 154
Mr. Three: 147
Acky-san: 147
Bouboo: 140
Qiao Zhi: 136

Boubou’s solo performance paid tribute to Chadwick Boseman and Black Panther. After the performance, Wang Yibo revealed Bouboo had to take two cortisone shots for his neck injury.

Chun Lin: 132
GoGo Brothers: 115
Poppin C: 114
Eleven: 101
Rochka: 99
Huang Xiao: 87

It was particularly sad when Rochka got eliminated as he has grown quite a following in China where fans have embraced him for his sweet and genuine personality. Rochka told everyone, “For sure, trust me, I’ll be back. Trust me.” Henry, who is Rochka’s captain, was visibly upset during his speech to Rochka. He asked if Rochka could have another opportunity. The host reminded Henry that Rochka previously said that he would definitely be back.

After a long intermission that featured interviews with the eliminated guests and some other staff members, the show resumed a little prior to midnight. The top 8 battle dance offs were determined by spinning the bottle. The winners of these battles moved onto the next round.

1st Battle: Qiao Zhi (31) vs. Bouboo (131 – Winner)
2nd Battle: Ye Yin (129 – Winner) vs. YOU-san of Hilty & Bosch (35)
3rd Battle: Acky-san (111 – Winner) vs. Mr. Three (52)
4th Battle: Yang Kai (122 – Winner) vs. Ibuki (42)

After last year’s controversial drawing of lots to determine the 4 to 2 battle, they brought back the bottle spin for this segment. As fate would have it, Ye Yin and Acky-san were battling each other, leaving Bouboo and Yang Kai, who are both from Wang Yibo’s team, battling each other again in the same round.

In the final 4 battle to advance to the final 2:

Ye Yin (123 – Winner) vs. Acky-san (39)
Yang Kai (97 – Winner) vs. Bouboo (66)

In the final battle, the two dancers will battle in best of 3 rounds.

1st round: Yang Kai (53) vs. Ye Yin (111 – Winner)

2nd round: Yang Kai (54) vs. Ye Yin (111 – Winner)

In two rounds of battle, Ye Yin is crowned champion for the second time on “Street Dance of China 4”.

Both Ye Yin and Yang Kai are from Wang Yibo’s team and both were the previous champions from seasons 2 and 3, respectively. While both dancers were very strong in their performances, many viewers couldn’t help but feel the show was rigged with how the international dancers scored so low in their solo performances and none of them made it to the final round.

16 thoughts on “David Ye Yin from Wang Yibo’s “Yibo Wang Zha” Team Crowned “Street Dance of China 4” Champion Once Again

  1. Congratulations Yibo and Yeyin..Just to tell everyone that they are very well deserved. Okay, you people are so embarrassing really. Didn’t you watch the show properly and come. Yeyin and Yang Kai’s last week performance says it all. They got 99/100 don’t forget. And what’s with people telling votes are rigged huh! Just because your fav Captain didn’t win , you will Come at Yibo wow. If it was somebody else other than Yibo, you would have been happier right, just tell that You are jealous of how intelligent Wang Yibo is . Anyway, The fact won’t change. Yeyin is winner from Yibo Wangzha 💪💚💚🔥💚

  2. International dancers aside, it’s a fact Yibo’s team has the strongest battle dancers. Same as last year. His strategy is very clear for both seasons. It’s not his fault if other captains has weaker strategies. It’s not his fault that strong dancers respect him and want to be on his team.

    You want to talk about unfair advantage, how about we talk about the stupid gifts and letters in the team selection process? Who’s the one that was completely tongue-tied last season and couldn’t convince dancers to join his team? And surprisingly this year Henry also has issues selling himself. Considering Yibo basically got everyone he wanted (except for one) last year, you telling me this change to gifts & letters wasn’t an advantage to the captains who can’t sell themselves? But we cool cuz the captains STILL had to plead their cases if there are converging interests. And when it came down to it Yibo can sell himself face to face no problem, as evidence of Momo choosing him.

    And if you are trying to intimate the voting is rigged, some captain’s sour grapes fans had already done so and got slapped down for it. https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/aVJJtlcVzYU824Q3-kFFuA

    1. International dancers are a moot point this year. They are only there to battle for the team, they were never meant to win. The team with the strongest local dancers have the most advantage, full stop. There’s literally nothing else to debate on there. We all know a local dancer is going to win because that’s the only way to keep the show on air.

      Everything we saw on this show was edited to make sure we see things a certain way. We know Little Chick is funny because we were given an edited version where he’s funny. Imagine if none of that was shown on tv, would anyone have known he’s funny? On the other hand, who’s Wai Wai? What do we know about her? Virtually nothing besides the fact that she’s a Wacker. Do we know how well of a Wacker she is or what her personality is? Nothing. This simple example shows how editing conveys a certain narrative.

      Everything shown on a reality show is edited and rigged. It’s literally why there are producers, writers and editors working on these shows. Their job is to make sure the narrative fits what the majority of audience thinks is “true”. I can’t imagine what would happen to the show if anyone else but Yibo had won. His fans would be so destructive this show would most likely be canceled by the government next year. Not only that, there’s probably going to be major issues with Yibo working on other future projects as well. The government is looking for every little excuse to oppress the entertainment circle.

      This isn’t just about a simple reality show, there are many facets to navigating the ever changing policies the government has summoned.

      1. If everything is as inauthentic as you claimed then why even watch? And why complain about the results? You knew they’d rigged it for somebody so why get upset about it? Or is the anger only b/c it was rigged for Yibo? Would the energy be the same if it was rigged for another captain? Hm?

        BTW, I do not agree with your claims b/c that would require everyone to be in on it. From the local voting body in audience, the international judges, all the captains and even the dancers themselves. You agree Yibo had the strongest local battle dancers correct? And how did he end up with that team? Captains get to choose who they want but dancers have final decision. Aside from Momo & Nelson, Yibo had no clashes on his choices with other captains. For Yibo to get his final team, you are implying all the other captains were told to not pick any of Yibo’s choices and the dancers themselves were told to go to Yibo’s team.

        I do agree there is manipulation from the production team but not to the level you are implying. Why does it have to be all or nothing when the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

        Also, don’t bring Yibo’s fans into it when losing captains fans are not only attacking the voting bodies on Weibo but are also harassing YIBOWANGZHA team members individual Instagram accounts. People in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones.

      2. You say that Yibo’s fans would be destructive, yet you are showing the exact behaviour that you are complaining about because his team won….. you come onto this site and slander Yibo directly by saying that the show was rigged to make him win. Instead of criticising the production team or government, you choose to name Yibo in your complaints. Yang Kai posted on his instagram recently and now people are leaving horrible comments under his post. Who exactly is showing destructive behaviour?

        If you had simply complained about the editing or that the producers didn’t want an international dancer to win, then I would have said “hmm, maybe you are right.” But if you go back and read your original post, you’ll see that you were instead directly attacking Yibo, saying that the results were skewed in his favour and that a female, older dancer and bboy were put into the finals to help Yibo’s team win? How horrible of you to say that about Acky-san, Ibuki, Mr Three and George. You ignored their talent and just used them to slander Yibo!! So let me ask you again, who exactly is showing destructive behaviour?

      3. I actually rematches the finals with my husband yesterday because he hadn’t watched it yet, and I take back what I said about the rigging. I don’t believe that the finals were rigged. I was watching the live finals on my phone and it was 5am by the time the live ended so I was tired and missed a lot of details. Now that I have rewatched on the big screen, I could see all the dances more clearly. I am actually a huge fan of Huang Xiao and loved his choreography, but I can see why he scored poorly. His choreography showcased something true to himself, but it might be hard to interpret for others. Furthermore, some might argue that it didn’t showcase enough street dance. Chun Lin’s choreography has the same feel as last year’s, but he also didn’t add enough new details to make it stand out from his season 3 finals choreography. As for Eleven, I felt like his own dancing is significantly weaker than his backup dancers, it looked quite obvious. These are my own opinions as to why three strong choreographers didn’t make it into the finals with their choreography. Yeyin really deserved his win. Not only was his choreography just about perfect, he cleverly utilised elements from his previous dances including the sounds, water, flipping the table and elevated drums. He really is a genius in my opinion. Then he battled 25 rounds until half his back is soaked in sweat but his moves never weakened in power. He really deserved the win, but all of people complaining and hating on Yibo have really robbed him of a glorious moment.

  3. Wow, the writers this year are incredibly lazy. At least make it less obvious who they wanted to win.

    The strongest opponents that were threats to Yibo’s team all had the worst placements. We all know going first in any competition is just to warm up the audience and the votes are less than ideal.

    ALL 5 of Yibo’s dancers made it to the battle, ALL 5. What are the odds of that happening?

    BouBoo and Yang Kai, Yang Kai wins again. Again, both Yibo’s so he will come out on top.

    Oh, the top 2 were also Yibo’s so he’d win again this year. It just “happens that they are locals”. We all know International dancers won’t make it to the final battle.

    Not to mention how throughout the entire season Yibo has had incredibly good luck with how his dancers were placed in extremely advantageous positions.

    They said YueHua is incredibly influential in China, I believe them now.

    1. I agree that the game is rigged to prevent international dancers from winning, but can we not drag Yibo through the mud and accuse him of getting advantages? Don’t forget that his team lost miserably after the first four members were recruited. They learned from their mistakes and tried harder. You can see the huge improvement in their final choreographies compared to what they were producing at the beginning of the show. Yeyin deserves to win out of the Chinese competitors.

      1. I mean, it’s very difficult to not think this wasn’t skewed in Yibo’s favor. He has 5 dancers going into battle against, Ibuki (an International woman battling against men is always a disadvantage), Acky (an older International man that’s also at a disadvantage), George (a bboy) and Mr Three is literally the only “threat” in the battle.

        If you think this competition isn’t skewed towards Yibo, I have a bridge to sell you.

        The entire show is rigged and anyone that thinks different has rose coloured glasses.

        1. So you are saying that Acky-san, Ibuki and Mr Three’s choreographies are worse than the eliminated contestants and that they only made it into top 8 to give Yibo an advantage?

          How about you take off your own fogged up glasses? Those three got into top 8 because their choreographies were better.

          1. So let me get this straight. You agree the deciding battle is rigged to have a local win but everything else shown on tv is real? The producers literally only rigged the final result but everything else happened to be organic? Like it’s all a coincidence that the final group of dancers in the finale are exactly half international and half local.

            All of a sudden a group of dancers that aren’t known for their strong choreography (except for perhaps David given his experience with WiikSymphony) has improved in a matter of 2-3 weeks and ALL have amazing choreography. Not 1, not 2, not 3 but ALL 4 (technically 5) of Yibo’s dancers have better choreographed routines than actual choreographers in the competition. Obviously it’s a coincidence, right?

            You know Chun Lin, 11, Huang Xiao are all professional choreographers right? Like, they do this for a living and get paid for it. 11 is a regular choreographer of Lay and Han Geng. Fairly certain 11 was also hired by a few other popular artists. Huang Xiao has worked on other projects with other variety shows and he was hired by Lay a few times. I’m fairly certain Yibo has hired Chun Lin as a choreographer for a routine last year but do correct me if I’m wrong with this one. Not only did 1 or 2 of them lost but ALL 3 lost to dancers that aren’t known for their choreo. There’s zero editing done by the producers. The producers didn’t try to skew the final results during rehearsals and made adjustments then. It’s absolutely organic and real. It’s just another coincidence.

            Oh, did I mention the 5 dancers that made it to the top 8 had the same captain? All of them miraculously improved in a matter of weeks despite losing so many other times on the show. They always made up for their loses with the battle rounds. Yup, coincidence of course!

            Let’s not forget how the last two standing are also winners from Season 2 and Season 3. Both are on Yibo’s team. Again, no biggie just a small coincidence.

            How many coincidences can one have? Yibo shouldn’t be a captain, he should buy the lottery every week since all the luck seems to be on his side. Then again, in other aspects of his life his luck wouldn’t be so embarrassingly prominent.

            This is obviously NOT Yibo’s own doing but let’s be real and call a spade a spade. It was rigged in Yibo’s favor from the start, to say otherwise is just plain silly.

      2. Uh, literally all but one of Yibo’s dancers are the battle type. He was given the biggest advantage from the start. Come on, you really think it was just a coincidence that Yibo had 2 of the previous season winners. Please.

        1. Did you even watch last season? Yang Kai was on Yibo’s team last year. Even Yixing said that Yang Kai’s heart is with Yibo back in an earlier episode so of course Yang Kai will choose Yibo as his captain. Yibo also worked with Yeyin before and so Yeyin picked Yibo as captain. Have you even been paying attention? All of these have been mentioned in the episodes. You’re really going to tell me that these dancers have no will of their own and just picked the captain they were told to pick?

          Can you stop attacking Yibo just because you are not satisfied with the results? If the results were rigged, it wasn’t his doing. He had no part in it. Stop using him as a scapegoat. Complain about the producers, or even the government who hold control over whether or not a foreigner is allowed to win in a Chinese competition. Yibo is honest and I don’t think he would even be happy about rigged results. Last year, he even complained to the producers about how the show was edited because one segment showed him teaching Bouboo a move, when in fact, it was Bouboo who was teaching Yibo. Yibo actually went and spoke out about that incident.

        2. The formation of team members are through the “little black house” where captains select who they want, but final decision is on the acceptance from the participants.
          1. Ye Yin, Yang Kai, Bouboo, Hilty & Bosch – no other captains selected them except for Yibo, hence there was no clashes for them to decide who they want to accept. Yang Kai has addressed his intention to return to YiBoWangZha in episode 1 itself, while Ye Yin picked Yibo as his preferred captain also on episode 1 and they’ve worked well together since then. Bouboo.. if you have been a follower of SDC since last season, you will know nothing breaks the brotherhood and chemistry of Yibo & Bouboo.
          2. Momo – Yibo & YiXing wanted her, and both negotiated with her. She eventually chose to join Yibo’s team despite the team not being at full team spirit back then, hence, it doesn’t look like its rigged? She could have chose YiXing whose team was more united than YiBo’s at that time.

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