“Call Me By Fire” Crowns Their 17 Member “Boy Band”

MangoTV’s hit variety show, “Call Me By Fire” (披荆斩棘的哥哥), held its finale on October 29. The show featured 33 male artists and became equally as popular as its predecessor, “Sisters Who Make Waves”. For the finale, 22 remaining geges vied for one of the 17 debut spots.

The debut team is:

1. Jordan Chan (陳小春)
2. Nathan Lee (李承铉)
3. Chilam Cheung (張智霖
4. Zhang Qi (张淇)
5. Jerry Yan (言承旭)
6. Paul Wong (黃貫中)
7. Max Zhang Jin (张晋)
8. Terry Lin (林志炫)
9. MC Hotdog (热狗)
10. Mc Jin (歐陽靖)
11. Vincent Zhao Wenzhuo (赵文卓)
12. Liu Jia (刘迦)
13. Gai
14. Gao Hanyu (高瀚宇)
15. Michael Tse (谢天华)
16. Congo Pax (白举纲)
17. Leon Zhang Yunlong (謝天華)

The geges who didn’t make the team:

Hu Haiquan
Jerry Lamb
Li Xiang
James Lee
Yin Zheng

Jordan Chan and Nathan Lee were awarded as the X-Fire coming in at first place, while Max Zhang Jin got the X-Leader title.

While the finale night was said to be the “debut night” for the geges, instead of forming a group, the 17 geges will be headlining a concert.

The show was attended by a lot of the wives of the geges, including Qi Wei, Cherrie Ying, Anita Yuen, Ada Choi, and more.

Qi Wei also performed with her husband, Nathan Lee, which was trending on Weibo for the kiss at the end of the performance, that was spurred on by the audience.

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